Tea office etiquette, Etiquette of business clothes - Ethics of business relations

Tea office etiquette

Until recently, such a section of the office life, like a tea or coffee treat, would seem to many unnecessary excesses. But time has changed, the laws of hospitality adopted around the world require informal attention to the guests of each office. Therefore, many companies are striving not only not to violate these laws, but also to execute them in the best possible way. In many companies, they specially train their staff to use the technology, by all rules brew tea, serve the table, etc., rightly believing that the qualified knowledge and skills of 15 parts of the reception of customers and business partners constitute an important element of the company's image.

So, about the tea treat. At once it is necessary to make a reservation: tea on a table at negotiations is one, coffee-pause during visit of politeness - another. It should also be noted that, ideally, the utensils and serving items of each office must have specific features peculiar to this company only. In this case, we mean not only the design of dishes, but also the presence of company symbols - company logos (on services, napkins, serving items, sugar bags, chocolates, etc.) that significantly influence the impression of the company.

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10 tips for business communication

1. Pay attention to the speed of the partner's speech and speak with his speed.

2. Do not allow yourself to say more to a partner, use word-parasites, go to persons.

3. Formulate your own thought as simply and accurately as possible. Clarify the questions and ask, without interrupting the partner.

4. Try not to make unnecessary movements in negotiations.

5. Try to keep the level of view at the level of the partner's view.

6. Sit down with a partner nearby, not opposite.

7. Organize the negotiation space so that it & quot; signals & quot; surrounding, that you do not want to be distracted.

8. Determine how much at the moment there is time for negotiations with each of the parties.

9. Prepare to negotiate in advance honestly, rationally, respecting each other's positions.

10. Train at all but the partner. With a partner, you came to an agreement. Remember the goal!

Etiquette of business clothes

The most common and most recognized clothing for businessmen today is a suit. The costume is the business card of a business person. First of all, look how a person is dressed. The first impression for a long time remains in the memory of people with whom we get acquainted. Therefore, to neglect your appearance is an inexcusable mistake.

For example, neatness and tightness in clothes are often associated with organization in work, the ability to appreciate their own and others' time. Slackness is a synonym for fussiness, forgetfulness.

Rule No. 1. Never wear a suit and sports shoes at the same time. These things are incompatible in their function.

Rule No. 2. Putting on a suit, do not take a sports bag. It is advisable to carry papers and necessary things in a diplomat, briefcase or folder. If the need arose, the bag should be of a monochromatic color.

Rule No. 3. If you are wearing a suit, always wear a tie. A tie to a suit is necessary. A business suit without a tie is not worn. Exceptions - sports jackets, which can be worn even on a T-shirt. But such jackets do not belong to business clothes. It is unacceptable to wear double-breasted jackets without a tie.

Rule No. 4. A shirt, worn with a suit, must have long sleeves. It is considered elegant if the cuffs of the shirt are visible from under the sleeves of the jacket by about 1.5-2 cm. It is best to choose a shirt with no breast pockets.

Rule No. 5. Do not allow the long end of the tie to be visible, protruding from behind its front.

Rule No. 6. Do not stand out with your clothes during working hours. In everyday communication, a discreet suit is considered a good form. Do not wear too light suits. The most common colors are dark blue, dark gray. Do not wear variegated or dark shirts. Ties are not too bright and without flashy patterns. Socks of dark colors.

Rule No. 7. If you do not know which shoes or shirt to choose, then choose a white shirt and black shoes.

Rule No. 8. When tied, the tie should touch the bottom end of the belt buckle.

Rule No. 9. The width of the tie must be commensurate with the width of the lapels of the jacket.

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Rule No. 10. The tie should be lighter than the suit and darker than the shirt.

Rule No. 11. Do not allow patterns to be incompatible, i.e. two elements of a suit in a row can not have a pattern.

A few simple tips

1. Light costumes are worn in the daytime, in the evening - dark.

2. In a formal setting, the jacket should be buttoned. Completely unfasten the buttons of the jacket can be during dinner or sitting in the chairs of the theater. When lifting, it is necessary to fasten the jacket to the top button.

3. Keep the outfit in perfect order always. The same applies to shoes, socks, cuff links.

4. The costume should be comfortable.

5. Do not always follow fashion. It's better not to look fashionable, but good, than fashionable and bad.

6. Have two handkerchiefs with you. The first is the & quot; working & quot; - is in your pants pocket. The second one is always absolutely clean - in the inner pocket of the jacket.

7. A bow tie intended for official celebrations or major holidays is worn only for dark suits. The tie to the evening costume is best selected from natural or artificial silk.

8. If the tie is made of quality material, then the knot is untied when it is removed. If the tie is made of inexpensive material, then the knot can not be untied, but you can remove the tie over your head.

Pay attention to people who are fast moving in the service. It often happens that if there are two candidates for promotion, the person who watches himself gets a position, since he is more in line with the image of a leader than a person careless about his appearance. Whatever unfair such a statement might seem to you, do not forget that the employee in this case represents not only himself, but a company in which he or she works.

In Table. 2.1 describes three alternative clothing styles.

Table 2.1

General terms of business etiquette in clothing. Three alternative styles of clothing

Conservative style (classic)

Style of interaction (informal)

Creative style (free)

Suitable for lawyers, bankers, civil servants. The main function is to give credibility and emphasize competence. Style, thoroughly tested by time:

- a classic costume;

- the maximum contrast between the shirt and the suit;

- complete accessories that are in accordance with the suit;

- a good watch, earrings of classical shape;

- makeup for women is easy;

- shoes with an average heel;

- a skirt up to the level of the knee;

- for men - no accessories, except for a good watch, an engagement ring;

- cologne, perfume - neutral flavors

- a man should be well shaved;

- a woman - a strict hairstyle, hair is picked up

Suitable for employees of companies that are engaged in communication, establishing relationships and trading.

The main function is to quickly call the location. Clothing of this style should not radically differ from the classical costume:

- nothing bright;

- the style is based on reducing the contrast between the shirt and the suit;

- Men can not wear a full suit;

- easy make-up for women is mandatory;

- a slight beard is allowed for men;

- a combination of a classic shirt with dark-colored jeans is allowed for men;

- it is possible to wear a watch on a metal strap;

- hair style is more free, but not loose hair

Suitable for such fields of activity as fashion, design, advertising, cosmetics, show business.

The main function is to show the presence of creativity. You should try to look better and constantly be in step with the fashion:

- novelties of fashion, avant-garde;

- sweaters with unusual necks or jackets

with wrong lines;

- close to the classic shape of trousers for women;

- men can not wear a tie;

- color is a good way to show yourself;

- remember that sometimes a small bright spot

in the ensemble is better than a bright red shimmering suit

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