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Business class reduces sales

The development activity that began after the crisis in the suburban business class segment did not develop in 2013 - the supply volume decreased by one third compared to 2012, and existing projects are not sold very actively.

According to experts, the problems of the country market are primarily connected with the "problematic" by the buyer. The target audience, and this is the owners of small companies and top managers, like no one depends on the macroeconomic situation, the exchange rate, the budget, the development of industry and trade and other daily shocks. And buying a house or land for a buyer is first and foremost a purchase to improve one's own life, in a way, luxury.

Business Challenges

Prior to the 2008 crisis, the segment of the business class in the suburban real estate market developed very rapidly. The supply volume was higher than in the other classes, the demand was consistently high. The main parameters that made it possible to relate projects to this category were the availability of convenient interchanges, communications, security, quality of houses and modern design. At the same time, there is no coherent unified classification, recognized by all market players, and to this day. Each developer determines which class to include his project, based on personal considerations. We distinguish three classes for ourselves: "elite", "comfort" and "economy" - and this fully satisfies our analytical tasks, "says Elena Karaseva, marketing director of PetroStyle. - It is believed that the business class is in the upper zone of "comfort" and the bottom of the "elite" & quot;

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Today in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs in the exposition 34 cottage villages of business class. Since early 2013, four new properties have been on sale. At the same time, the volume of supply in this class decreased by one third compared to the data at the end of 2012. "Every year the number of projects launched is getting smaller, but the number of projects on the market is increasing, since the implementation of each project is several years. One third of the total number of projects are business-class settlements. At the moment, there is a trend: few developers bring out business-class projects, "- explains Svetlana Neveleva, expert of the College of Professional Developers. "From a market point of view, the most critical situation has developed with business class cottages. Unsold stock of cottages in this segment is now extremely high, and its volume is 10-12 times higher than the annual volume of absorption. In comparison with townhouses and land plots, this is the most difficult for the developer project positioning zone, "- says Elena Karaseva.

The trend of recent times can be called the orientation of buyers for houses designed for permanent residence, remotely up to 30 km from the Ring Road. The share of such objects in the sales structure following the results of 2013 is 78%. However, there is an increase in the influence of the location of the village on the decision to purchase a house. In this respect, objects located in the popular resort and Vsevolozhsk districts are much more profitable. Also, the increasing role of the price factor is noticeable, which means that the buyer approaches the choice of the object more rationally.

Buyers are mostly young families under the age of 35-38, most often the head of the family is the owner of the business or the top manager. As in all segments, in the business class there is now an active tendency to reduce the overall budget of the purchase and, as a consequence, the size of the lot. On average, this is home ownership with an area of ​​150 m2 and plots of 8-9 acres, sections of townhouses - 80-100 m2. The most popular cottages average cost of 0.5-0.6 million dollars. At the same time, compared to 2012, the purchase budget has increased insignificantly - by 3%.

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