Data modules, - Computing systems, networks and telecommunications. Network modeling

Data Modules

All data modules in the panel navigator have the same view, because they are not displayed physically in the block diagram of the model, so their image is not shown. Also we will not consider the cost parameters of the modules, since they do not affect the logic of the model.

This module defines the entity type and its animation image in the simulation process, as well as the cost information. For each source, the entity type that it generates must be defined.

Using the Entity module: documents (faxes, letters, reports, etc.); people in hospital or store models.

Table P. 9

Entity module parameters



Entity Tour

Entity Type Name

Initial Picture

Graphical representation of the entity at the beginning of the simulation process. This value can be changed later using the Assign module. You can view animated images like this: Edit/Entity picture

This data module is intended to change the rule for arranging entities in the queue, i.e., the maintenance rule for the entity in the process is specified. The default queue type is First in First out.

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Application: a stack of documents waiting to be released; place to collect parts waiting for packing (grouping).

Table P. 10

Queue Module Parameters




The unique name of the module that will be reflected in the flowchart

Attribute Name

The name of the attribute whose value will be taken into account if the type = Lowest Attribute Value or Highest Attribute Value


11staged the arrangement of entities in the queue: First in First out - first entered, first out; Last in first out - the last one, the first one out; Lowest Attribute Value - the first quits the queue, the attribute value of which is lower; Highest Attribute Value - the first will exit the queue the one whose attribute value is the highest

I would like to elaborate on the Ture parameter, since it is with the help of it that you can determine what is the & quot; priority of the queue & quot; and how to set it. Consider a slightly modified example.

Two types of patients come to the doctor: adults and children. Doctor (our resource) is one. He takes both children and adults, and the time of reception is the same (about 30 minutes), but in children the priority for maintenance is higher than for adults.

How can we do this? First, in the Process module, the resource & quot; doctor & quot; is set; with the Action parameter, which sets Seize Delay Release to assign a resource. Thus, when the entity & quot; patient & quot; will go into the Process module, it will grab the resource & quot; doctor & quot; for a certain time (about 30 minutes). Secondly, according to the condition, we have the same patient care time, so we model the process of patient care by the doctor in the form of a single Process unit with a time delay of 30 minutes. But here the question arises: how to set a priority? In this case, we are considering a situation where a resource is specified in one block, that is, with. It makes no sense to change the Priority parameter of the Process module. In this case, there is a situation where the priority is not a resource, but the queue priority & quot;, and it is specified in the Queue module. It is necessary to choose which type of entity it is higher. This is done using the Type parameter: Lowest Attribute Value - the first one leaves the queue the one whose attribute value is the lowest, or Highest Attribute Value - the first one leaves the queue the one whose attribute value is the highest. Thus, when the entities "children" come to us, they will have the highest priority in service.

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