FOREWORD - Marketing in commerce


Our XXI century. - an age of rapid innovation, globalization, transparency of the mechanism of commodity-money relations in the leading countries of the world. Therefore, today the process of introducing marketing into commerce requires conceptualization and careful study. The progressive development of the national economy is due to the increased use of marketing tools.

Marketing permeates all stages of the reproduction process and is present both in small and medium-sized businesses, and in the largest integrated business groups (Gazprom, Lukoil, Interross, etc.), as well as transnational corporations.

Many domestic companies are forced to apply marketing strategies in commerce, with a focus on brand promotion, creating an attractive range, profitable distribution, customer service. But in practice, often there is not enough experience and knowledge. Therefore, managers have to use outsourcing as a system for attracting external companies to implement corporate strategies for market participation involving PR support and mass media.

Unfortunately, until recently, the specificity of marketing in commercial activities is not fully understood and is presented fragmentarily with the allocation of certain types of supply, marketing or trade. Therefore, the authors have prepared this textbook, which reveals the conceptual provisions of marketing in the sphere of material production, and in trade, services, with the emphasis on outsourcing as a philosophy of market participation.

It should be noted that in modern conditions, along with the classical model of social and ethical marketing, the concept of "Marketing of new ideas" clearly emerged. (MNI), which is due primarily to the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, including high-level computer and information technologies.

It should be noted that the PIM begins with innovation, regardless of the desires and requests of customers. Unlike the traditional model of classical marketing, the speed of innovation has exceeded the ability of marketers to predict consumer behavior.

It is known that in the classical marketing model there are initially marketing research in the field of identifying the level of unmet consumer demand, which require a long time. But the availability of innovative technologies, creative performers make it possible to realize the idea in a short time and, moreover, to form perspective tastes and wishes in the society.

The most vivid examples of the philosophy of "Marketing new ideas" are companies of high technology, the world of fashion and other innovative industries. Within the framework of this concept, megabrends with excessive resources are formed in such companies as Intel, Microsoft, Toshiba, Apple, etc.

The company continues to pursue a policy of aggressive expansion of microchips, continuously striving for constant updating. Of course, the rapid spread of new products in the society contributes to the network trade, which regulates the final price of the novelty, taking into account the immediate appearance of their counterparts in companies competitors. Therefore, within the framework of the PIM concept, photo and television cameras in mobile phones, new navigation search engines in cars, electric cars that the consumer may not have previously dreamed of are always offered.

Despite the huge risk of venture business projects, companies are constantly developing the directions of scientific and technological progress, and the success or failure of innovation directly depends on the end user.

In the philosophy of MNI, the main evaluation criterion is not market share, as before, but consumer loyalty, taking into account the principle of initiative, speed and social responsibility.

Thus, at the heart of the "Marketing of new ideas" there are such components as: information technology, the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity and, of course, the consumer, which makes it possible to profit as a reward for efforts.

It should be noted that the system of marketing in commerce, in addition to the priority of consumer orientation, the activation of innovations includes mechanisms for creating: positive public opinion, high culture of service, safety standards, environmental protection and a decent image as invaluable company capital.

The textbook presented to you in a logical sequence reveals an integrated unity of conceptual approaches to marketing in a commercial system, market participation strategies, intrafirm planning, marketing of commerce, communications. Along with this, a comprehensive assessment of effective marketing in commerce is given. The textbook is illustrated with illustrative examples, analytical material with the inclusion of control questions, assignments, tests.

A modern marketing specialist must master the theoretical foundations of commercial activity, based on laws and market economy categories.

The more difficult task for him is to successfully apply his knowledge in the field of creating active trade communications with suppliers and buyers taking into account possible risks. This merchant should be able to forecast, plan and execute business operations, taking into account the consumer tastes, preferences, possible risks, and, most importantly, social and corporate responsibility for the results of his work.

The main provisions of the textbook will help the businessman achieve the planned business results, take a firm position in the target sales segment and make a significant contribution to the national economy of the country.

The obtained knowledge will allow students, graduate students, entrepreneurs to master the specifics and new directions of marketing in the organization of production, wholesale and commercial activities in the conditions of modern requirements of commodity-money relations aimed at researching, forming and satisfying social needs both inside the country and for its limits.

The authors are extremely grateful to students, colleagues, business representatives for their help in writing and approving the main provisions of the textbook.

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