Main characteristics of the network, Services of the local network - Informatics and information technologies

Main Network Features

1. Bandwidth (peak load) of communication lines and communication network equipment, measured, as for communication lines and modems, by the number of bits transmitted per second. It is a bit, not a byte, since normally data in networks is transmitted sequentially, bit by bit. Another feature of this parameter is that the number of bits is not tied to the amount of any memory, so it is represented in decimal notation. Therefore, the derived units of throughput are obtained using a factor of 1000:

1 kbps = 1000 bps.

2. The total volume (integral load) of the information transmitted by the network for a certain long enough period (day or month) is traffic (the load created by the flow of calls, messages and signals arriving at communication facilities) (Federal Law of 7 July 2003, No. 126-FZ "On Communications" as amended on July 23, 2013).

3. The maximum number of users who are simultaneously working on the network.

4. The number of server programs installed on the network that determine which services can be accessed by network users. It is programs, as they can all be installed on a single server computer. For example, the operating system is a Windows 2008 Server, a mail server, a file server, a web server.

Local network services

There is no computer on the peer-to-peer LAN that has a network operating system that manages the network (there is no server). The network is controlled by the network services that are part of the operating systems installed on the computers. Therefore, the service is actually the same - working with filesystem objects: files and folders. It is highly undesirable when working with network resources to issue commands Move or Delete objects from such a computer. As a result of executing commands, objects will be deleted from the network resource, bypassing the Recycle Bin located on this computer. And if the team is filed wrongly? If an error occurred while moving the object over the network? Recover lost information by the standard means of the operating system, most likely, will not succeed. The removal is best done directly on the computer on which the network resource is located. And it's better to replace the move command with two: copy the data from the network resource and only after making sure that the copying was complete and correct, carry out the deletion.

By default, executable files can not be run on the remote computer. Suppose that the user of the computer A1 is accessing the computer B, on one of the available network resources of which the executable file Book.exe is located and tries to start it. The file is copied from B1 to A1 and launched (run) on the computer A1 . To make the Book.exe file run on & quot; native & quot; computer B1 on the command of the computer user A1 , you need to change the settings for B. This can be done either by the owner of the computer B1 or a network administrator, allowing not just a connection to a particular network resource, but also giving permission to work remotely with this computer.

You can extend the list of peer-to-peer services by installing the appropriate server programs on one or more computers, i.e. turning a single computer (computers) into servers. For example, a mail server, a web server, an electronic document management system server, a SQL server, and the like.

A local star differs from a peer-to-peer network by the presence of a computer (server) on which the network operating system that controls the operation of the entire network is installed and started. This allows users to authenticate users on the server - checking which of the users, Sidorov or Abramov, is trying to work with the computer A 1. In the peer-to-peer network, authentication was performed on each local computer and both the user and Sidorov and Abramov were "tied" to A 1. In the network & quot; star & quot ;, if you create accounts (profiles) for Sidorov and Abramov on several computers on the network, they can & quot; change & quot; from the computer A1 to other jobs.

To expand the list of services, as in the peer-to-peer network, you need to install the appropriate additional server programs. In the & quot; star & quot; they are usually put in the existing computer server.

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