Case Study Examples

Phraseology, Phraseology as an indirectly-nominative unit of language - Modern Russian language
Budget federalism, Essence of budgetary federalism - Finance, money circulation and credit
Approaches to DB construction, Ascending and descending DB design - Databases
Discrete control automata and logic converters, Advantages of microprocessor control systems - Electric drive
New Zealand - Budget and Budget System
External and internal sources of corporate social responsibility - Corporate social responsibility
Administrative and legal status of citizens, The concept and content of the administrative and legal status of citizens - Administrative Law of the Russian Federation
Analytical Aspects of Using the Information Base of the System of National Accounts in Macroeconomic Statistics, Production Account - Social and Economic Statistics
Optimization of the investment portfolio, Statement of the problem, Formalization of the model - International financial management
Valuation characteristics of securities - Securities market
Appearance of a business man, Shirts: what color, what pattern? - Ethics of business relations
Object of applied theory of modeling., Subject of applied theory of modeling. - Modeling of systems
Bonds and their valuation, Bonds as securities - Corporate financial management
Summary - International Finance
Modeling of a processor for multiplying binary numbers, Operation machine for multiplying binary numbers, Schematic features of an operating machine - Computer science
Video and audio content on the websites of British newspapers - Converged journalism
Model of a large open economy, Economic policy in a large open economy, Monetary Policy - International Economics
Earn on whims - Marketing
World-class production (WCM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Optimization of resource management (ERP II) - Information technology in economics and management

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