Appearance of a business man, Shirts: what color, what pattern? - Ethics of business relations

The appearance of a business man

Typically, men's business clothes are a suit with a shirt and a tie of calm color.

When choosing a costume, pay attention to its quality and how it sits on you. Front trousers should lightly cover the shoes. At the back of the trousers end at the top of the heel. The necessary minimum of the contents of the wardrobe at the beginning of your professional career is two suits and six shirts that are successfully combined with each other. A plain or classic strip suit is suitable for almost any professional industry. Combinations with such suits are quite possible, but they are better for wearing tall men. Men of short height combination of colors visually make even lower. The higher the hierarchy level, the less acceptable the combination.

Shirts: what color, what pattern?

It is better to choose a shirt of light tone. Black, burgundy or gray refers to a freer style of clothing. Which shirt to choose - monophonic or striped - depends on taste preferences. Checkered shirts are suitable, too, but they look more at ease than in stripes. As for the patterned shirts, pay attention to the fact that the design of the tie is combined with it. Do not combine two patterns in parallel: for example, a plaid shirt, a tie in speckles and a striped suit. Shirts should be made of cotton and, ideally, without breast pockets. In these pockets, as a rule, nothing is put anyway.

The tie should be made of silk. Wool, leather or other materials are categorically discarded. The design should be simple, and the color should match the situation. Fancy patterns or comic models with a grandfather frost once again distract the interlocutor. Stick to better ties in stripes, specks, with a paisley pattern (& quot; Indian cucumber & quot;) or monochrome. In terms of practicality, a tie as an element of clothing may not be important, but in the visual sense its action can not be underestimated.

Rule No. 17. The costume and shirt are perceived by your counterpart rather neutrally. And only a tie can give your appearance an individual note and even something to express.

Think about the effects of red. Red tie you draw attention, tie cold & quot; business & quot; color signals rather about your restraint. Therefore, with great attention to the choice of tie. He is the crown of your appearance. Which knot on a tie to tie depends on the shape of the collar of the shirt. If the collar is widely spaced, you can accordingly make a large knot (& quot; double Windsor & quot;). But make sure that the corners of the collar do not move away from the shirt. A fast knotted and perfectly seated knot is the "simple Windsor".

Rule No. 18. A single-tone suit or strip is suitable, as a rule, in any professional field. Shirts should be with long sleeves and whenever possible light tones. More than two patterns in one outfit is better not to combine. Ties should be made of silk and made in a classic, low-key style.

Casual Friday. If your company is practicing casual Friday (loose clothes on Fridays), then a turtleneck under a suit from a cord tweed. For formal meetings, this form of clothing would be too casual. At formal meetings wearing a pullover under the suit is not recommended. Probably, for this or that policy a yellow pullover or a knitted sleeveless shirt would serve as a brand name, but in the business world such "logos" are unacceptable.

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