Video and audio content on the websites of British newspapers - Converged journalism

Video and audio content on the websites of British newspapers

In 2007, the Guardian & quot; invested £ 15 million on the development of video content; & quot; Times & quot ;, & quot; Mirror & quot; (The Mirror), & quot; San & quot; (The Sun), & quot; Telegraph & quot; (The Telegraph), & quot; Evening Post & quot; (The Evening Post) also joined the process of developing video content on their websites.

The video service of the site & quot; Guardian Unlimited & quot; (Guardian Unlimited) began to operate in the summer of 2007. In the editorial offices of other English newspapers, similar services appeared much earlier, but the guide "Guardian" wanted to first explore the new field of activity as much as possible, and then go on to implement it in practice.

One of the leading publications in the creation of video and audio content is the "Daily Telegraph" (Daily Telegraph). The audio and video divisions include three recording studios, a round table for six people. Each place is equipped with a microphone for group discussion of the problem. There is a studio with an ISDN line and a television studio, where you shoot a business show, as well as a well-equipped room for editing video content. The studio is also used for retransmission of TV channels to the newspaper's website. "

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Despite the fact that in the offices of British publications have appeared large enough videopodrazdeleniya, newspapers do not seek to compete with television. The newspaper decided not to compete with news channels and use the illustrative video that is tied to the article. The newspaper does not try to achieve the same image quality as on television. The task of video materials on the site is to convey the content of the article more fully.

Video and audio materials, which the British newspaper editorial offices create on their own, are presented on the site in the form of podcasts - audio and video broadcasts. They have a certain theme and periodicity.

On the websites of British newspapers there are vodcasts and podcasts that go out every day and several times a week; vodcasts and podcasts of general news of the day and specialized - about sports, science, etc. Audio Editor "Daily Telegraph" Robert Miller notes that the goal of video and audio is to redefine the content of the article in a new way.

Video content on the websites of British newspapers is presented in the form of a TV show, short interplay videos, the latest news. For example, & quot; Telegraph & quot; on business weekdays "Hilary & Co." (Hilary & amp; Co). Hilary Alexander (Hilary Alexander), fashion editor "Daily Telegraph" (The Daily Telegraph) meets with famous designers. Similar TV shows are made with small portable video cameras.

Short interlaced video materials (15-20 seconds), attract attention to textual material, they contribute to improving feedback to the reader. & quot; Guardian & quot; puts such a video before the title of the article: the reader can see a small episode of what is described in more detail in the article below.

The & quot; Guardian & quot; and other British editions are not limited to video materials created in-house. British newspapers cooperate with major video channels and online video providers. Since 2009, on the sites of the "Guardian", "Daily Mail & quot; (The Daily Mail), & quot; Daily Telegraph & quot; and & quot; Independent & quot; (The Independent) you can watch the video of the BBC. Newspaper & quot; Independent & quot; cooperates also with the channel "France 24" (France 24), and "Daily Teleraf" - with the ITN channel (ITN), which delivers various video taxonomies: [Journalism, online, english, community, article, topics, writing, articles, best, topic, reading] content: "edited versions of news reports, as well as materials specifically made for the newspaper's website."

On the site of the largest newspaper in Northern Ireland, "Belfast Telegraph"; (Belfast Telegraph) four times a day you can watch the release of the latest news, which is prepared by professional TV crews from "Macmillan Media" (Macmillan Media) (producer of online video content). In February 2007, the newspaper created for its own television service "Belfast Telegraph TV"; (Belfast Telegraph TV). The latest news includes the best newspaper materials. The main mission is Belfast Telegraph TV & quot; It's not about just scrolling through the latest news for busy people, but about incorporating the best news stories in the news bulletin.

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British publications also use video materials that readers send.

Still, most newspapers (& quot; Guardian & quot ;, The Financial Times) believe that the main video content must be created in-house, in its own edition, without resorting to the help of an online video provider. & quot; Mirror & quot; and "The Times", using the online video provider "Ro Media" (Roo Media), did not live up to their expectations. The main problem was that the provider did not seize the thread connecting the video materials with text, and this is one of the most important requirements for video content on the website of the publication, which is why the newspapers come to the fact that some video materials need to be created on their own, attracting professional TV men.

It should be noted that regional English publications do not lag behind in the development of video content. Edited by the & quot; Lancashire Evening Post & quot; (The Lancashire Evening Post) since 2006, 20 videos per week are being created

, for which new employees were hired. Strategy for the future development of another regional newspaper - "Western email and eco" (The Western Mail & Echo) - is fixed in the internal document of the publication, whose name is & quot; Multimedia strategy and video journalism & quot; (Multimedia Strategy and Video Journalism) - already indicates that the editorial emphasis is on the development of video content on the site. The newspaper is sure: video content is what becomes an important component of newspapers.

Some editors and managers of the UK online industry believe that the next step for British newspapers will be the development of online television services.

The first audio materials on the websites of British newspapers began to appear in 2005. Audio Editor "Daily Telegraph" Robert Miller says that audio content on the newspaper's website appeared at the end of 2005. Started "with a simple microphone inserted into the computer to record audio versions of news or interviews. A portable MP3 player was used to record audio files. " Similarly, we started in the "Guardian". In both newspapers for the first time did not hire additional staff to create audio content. After two and a half years the situation changed: more employees were hired, financing was increased. Today, professional radio presenters are engaged, who carry daily news or specially trained journalists who often interview journalists of the newspaper. For example, the podcast & quot; News Bureau & quot; (Newsdesk) - a review of the serious and gay news of the day on the site "Telegraph" - leads the former radio journalist John Henley (Jon Henley).

Major British publications offer users podcasts on a variety of topics. For example, on the website of the newspaper "Faynenshel time" you can listen to more than 10 different podcasts. Among them - podcasts "FT Science" (FT Science) - weekly coverage of any scientific topic; & quot; Martin Wolf & quot; (Martin Wolf) - the main economic commentator of the newspaper Martin Wulff leads his weekly column; & quot; News & quot; FT & quot; (FT News) - news and analysis from the newspaper's correspondents.

Special success on the websites of newspapers have specialized podcasts, for example, on a sports theme.

According to Robert Miller, "sport is the most appropriate topic ... a podcast about car racing - Formula One - the show with the highest rating - thousands downloads per week". The show is attended by specially invited experts in the field of motorsport, as well as journalists of the newspaper - reporters who are well versed in a specific topic.

In the edition of the "Guardian & quot; They try to reach different sections of the population using podcasts and vodcasts. For example, "Listen to Islam & quot; (Islamophonic) is a podcast for the Muslim community.

Audio content on the websites of British newspapers can also be presented in the form of additions to photos as an audio-slide show, as well as a comment on the latest news.

We should separately tell about the development of audio content on the site of the tabloid "The Sun". In April 2009, the online radio station "San Tok" began broadcasting. (Sun Talk), it broadcasts daily from 10am to 1pm. In the role of presenter - columnist of the newspaper Jon Gaunt (Jon Gaunt), former radio host & quot; Current Sports & quot; (Talk Sport). He invites guests to the studio and discusses with them various topics, mostly political and economic.

You can listen to the radio on the newspaper's website - live or recorded by downloading the program as a podcast, on the website "ai tyuns" (iTunes), by mobile phone, downloading the transfer from iTunes, "Zun" and " (Zune) or & quot; Zencast & quot; (Zencast), as well as in the car, if there is a radio with bluetooth, then you can listen to Sun Talk by transferring the signal from the smartphone to the radio.

It is acceptable to express your opinion on any issue under discussion by calling or writing by e-mail.

Other journalists of the newspaper also take part in the show: television critic Elli Ross (Ally Ross), sports columnist Ian McGarry (Ian McGarry), editor of the department

& quot; Travel & quot; Liza Minot, political observer Trevor Kavanagh.

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