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Consolidated cycle schedule for the execution of orders and volume-calendar calculations of the production progress - Production logistics. Theory and practice
Contracts of rent and life-long maintenance with a dependent, Rent contract: concept and types, the contract of lifelong maintenance with dependence - the Civil law
Basel-2, Basel-3 - International Finance
Classical models for estimating the fair price of derivative financial assets - Investments
Business woman appearance, Well-groomed workplace view, Women“s shoes, Women“s accessories - Business ethics
Theories of activity motivation - Fundamentals of General Psychology
Method of constants, Measurement of the absolute threshold - General Psychological Workshop
Methods of expert data processing, Methods of studying of firms-competitors - Information technologies in marketing
Measuring tools and mode of operation on them - Theoretical foundations of commodity science and expertise
Participants of the insurance obligation - Civil law. The special part
MARKETING RESEARCH IN THE STRUCTURE OF MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM, Methods of data processing of marketing research - Information technologies in marketing
Types of lathes, Lathe-turret lathes, Vertical turning machines - Technological processes in mechanical engineering
Pricing of financial assets: principles of modeling - Investments
Analysis, Lion Office Systems PLC Company profile, Personnel composition and distribution, Personnel and personnel climate, Company strategy - Personnel policy and personnel planning
DIFFUSIVE ASEPTICAL PODDERMATIT, PURULENT SUBDERMATITIS, Superficial suppurative pododermatitis - Veterinary orthopedics
Analysis of the activities of branches and representative offices allocated to an independent balance sheet - Financial Analysis
Protection from ionizing radiation, Sources and characteristics of ionizing radiation - Labor protection
Basic separation operations, Shaping operations, Tool for forging works - Technological processes in mechanical engineering
Basic functions of economic theory, Economic laws and categories - Economic theory
How to organize the material, Structure of the legal document: introductory remarks - The art of legal writing

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