Basic provisions of internal labor regulations in high-class hotels, Trial period, Training and professional development of employees - Organization of hotel business

The main provisions of internal labor regulations in high-class hotels

Probationary period

All new employees of the hotel are on probation. It lasts no more than three months. During this period, both the employee and the employer will be able to understand how correctly the choice was made. The Human Resources Department tracks the expiration date of the probationary period and informs the immediate head of the new employee at least three weeks before the end of the probation period with a memo. The immediate manager gives a written assessment of the employee's activity during the trial period with the justification of a satisfactory or unsatisfactory result, discusses it with the subordinate and transfers the documents to the personnel department for keeping them in the employee's personal file. If the result of the test is not satisfactory, the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract with the employee before the expiration of the test, notifying him about it in writing no later than three days, indicating the reasons that served as the basis for the recognition of this employee who did not pass the test. It is very important that the evaluation of the trial period be completed before the end of the third month. Otherwise, according to the Labor Code, it is considered that the employee has successfully passed the trial period, and the employment agreement automatically takes effect on a permanent basis, the subsequent termination of the employment contract is allowed only on general grounds.

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If during the probation period the employee comes to the conclusion that the proposed work is not suitable for him, he has the right to terminate the contract at his own discretion, having notified the employer about it in writing in three days.

The absence from work due to sickness or for other reasons is not included in the general period of the probationary period. Consequently, the trial period is extended for the period of absence of the employee for a valid reason.

The condition for checking the employee's compliance with the work assigned to him (about the probationary period) is indicated in the employment contract and in the job order, which is declared to the employee against receipt.

Staff training and development

Constant improvement of professional skills, business qualifications and professional skills is considered as a direct duty of all managers and employees of the hotel.

For professional training and advanced training of employees, the hotel, based on the interests of production activities, taking into account the desire of staff to improve their skills, can implement various forms of professional training of employees at the expense of the hotel.

The training of hotel staff is regulated by internal regulations and implemented on their basis, taking into account the financial capabilities of the hotel and the contribution of employees to its activities.

Achieving high standards of service is possible only by giving paramount importance to the training and professional development of employees, while revealing the best in each of them. The success of the hotel depends on the training of employees at all levels and in all positions. With the help of trainings and various training programs, employees can improve their work skills, develop and prepare themselves for more responsible positions. Information about the programs and the schedule of the training is posted on the bulletin board. Managers of services should remind subordinates about the time of classes.

In high-class hotels, employees are given the opportunity to improve their knowledge of a foreign language. With the purpose of professional growth of employees the following trainings are systematically conducted:

• introductory training (orientation);

• "The pursuit of excellence";

• & quot; Safety in extreme situations & quot ;;

• & quot; Telephone etiquette & quot ;;

• & quot; Loyalty to the Company & quot ;;

• & quot; Service art & quot ;;

• & quot; Communication Skills & quot ;;

• & quot; Responses to customer comments and complaints & quot ;;

• & quot; Time management & quot ;;

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• & quot; Effective interview & quot ;;

• & quot; Health & Safety; & quot ;;

• & quot; High Quality of Service & quot ;;

and a number of others.

Employees are given the opportunity to attend external training courses and seminars. The responsible training officer approves training plans in the presence of budgetary funds of the hotel. Employees who participated in such courses or seminars should present a summary of the training course at the meeting in the department or at the relevant meeting of employees, and also draw up a report to the personnel department, and a copy to the head of his structural unit. The hotel can send employees for the training abroad, the purpose of which is to share experience, train or prepare an employee for promotion to a management position.

Employees have the right to vocational training, retraining and upgrading their skills in the manner prescribed by labor law and local regulations of the hotel.

Employees are required to maintain and improve the level of their qualifications necessary for the performance of their official and labor duties, strive for self-improvement, and be proactive. Very important for the training of highly professional staff is the program of internal cross-training, which gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of other departments and structural divisions of the hotel.

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