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The appearance of a business woman

Example: In hot summer time skirts become shorter, and stomachs are denuded. In this form, some women sometimes appear at work. To the delight of some male colleagues, but to the indignation of the employee, who at this moment is passing by his client, because such dressing seems to him too frivolous. Quite right!

Wearing a pantsuit, a kit with a skirt or a dress, all depends on what it feels comfortable in. But official clothes when dealing with customers - this is usually a jacket and skirt.

If you choose a suit with a skirt, then pay attention to the fact that the skirt closes the knees. The permissible length is over the width of the palm above the knee. In business life from a short skirt a little good. By the end of the working day, you will concentrate not on the process of the meeting, but on avoiding the views. And you begin to fidget in the chair, believing that someone will see more than allowed. This prevents you from giving the impression of a competent employee and distracts the interlocutor from the main thing - from your interesting comments.

Well-groomed workplace view

Wearing a blouse is optional. A uniform shirt under a jacket, in principle, is permissible: take a look at the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel or other women - world-class politicians. But try not to take off your jacket, if under it instead of blouse T-shirt, especially in the presence of customers. Women are perfectly allowed to wear fashionable colors at work, albeit in moderate form. Try to combine a pink blouse with a gray suit or a light-colored t-shirt with a suit of calm color.

The style of your clothes depends on the nature of your professional activities. If your company focuses on an elegant business appearance, then you should buy trouser suits or skirts. When choosing clothes, watch for its quality.

Qualitative classic things last longer, do not go out of fashion and are well combined.

Shoes for women

Shoes of a business woman should have a heel not higher than six centimeters or a platform with a closed toe, high boots that end just above the knee are considered stylish, especially in departments where there are many young people. But in the conservative world of business, boots are considered an element of winter clothing. For this reason, men and women should wear classic shoes in the office, and winter boots, boots or rubber shoes - just on the way to work. If you bought new shoes, do not forget to remove the label from the bottom with the price. This oversight often happens to women.

Accessories for women

In business life, try not to wear glittering jewelry and a ring on each finger: it distracts attention from your face when communicating. If you are to perform, do not recommend hanging earrings that attract the attention of the audience. After all, you want to remember your audience, not your jewelry and accessories?

In order not to exceed the limit, take as a guide the simple rule - to wear no more than five accessories. Typical accessories include various types of jewelry, goggles, scarves, catchy belts or brooches. And even brightly painted nails. In the world of business, unnecessary decoration of nails is not welcome. They are too distracting attention from your words.

Example: Photos of the commercial director of one of the major German concerns were prepared for the presentation. In the first publication he was depicted with an expensive watch on his hand. After a while this photo was processed, and the clock on the hand was retouched. PR-group decided not to irritate the public.

Ask this question should be to you. What jewelry do I wear and how do they impress my customers? In addition, there are also other accessories that your partners pay close attention to and which you give certain signals.

What kind of pen and on what do you write down your notes about the meeting? Make sure that you have your own personalized pen. It does not have to be a work from Montblanc, but do yourself a favor, do not sign the contract with a plastic pen. The presence of your personal pen will not pass by attention, it shows respect for the conclusion of the treaty. The same applies to the paper you are using. Do you take out of the portfolio a sheet written on the reverse side or do you have a weekly schedule for abstracts? Using notepads, books, or other means for bound notes, you signal not only that you will find your notes, but also what value you give them.

Rule No. 16. Accessories - it's better less than more. Keep up the quality and style of office supplies.

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