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Altitude Client Center

Altitude functionality allows to build an individual solution for companies of different scale and spheres of activity and effectively use the opportunities of unified interaction with clients through various channels (Figure 3.17):

• incoming/outgoing phone calls, fax, e-mail;

• interactive help system of voice menu (IVR);

• Joint viewing of web-pages by an agent (operator for customer service support or a sales manager for goods and services) and a client (web-collaboration);

• self-viewing and filling in special forms of the company's website;

• exchange of messages over the Internet (chat) or WAP-session of interaction;

• Direct customer appeal to the company's specialists.

The choice of the way of interaction with the company becomes the prerogative of the client and is determined by his preferences or the convenience of interaction. At the same time, the client counts on high quality of service regardless of the channel of circulation, forming a holistic view of the company, supported by promotions and marketing campaigns.

The concept of building an interaction center

Fig. 3.17. The concept of building an interaction center

The implementation of the Customer Interaction Center is not only a technical step that automates the activities of the company's units in the operational work with counterparties. Its practical significance is much broader. Thus, the positive image of the company in the face of increasing competition plays an increasingly important role in maintaining a stable position in the market. Based on the created image, customers, suppliers and partners build their attitude to the company not only on the basis of offered products or services, but define their position as a whole as an open partner for interaction, with which it is possible to communicate in various ways - from personal visit to through the Internet.

In addition, the company's divisions are becoming interested in interacting with clients in various ways. Marketing departments can collect client information from multiple sources, gaining a complete picture of customers. Marketing campaigns conducted using several channels of communication (e-mailing, telemarketing, mailing, etc.) can help the most effective way to achieve the desired goal and understand how best to conduct advertising campaigns so that they attract as much as possible customers with a minimum of costs.

The disconnection of the channels now no longer suits the company's specialists in sales and service. Being responsible representatives of the company, directly in contact with customers, they are daily obliged to seek answers to the question of how to interact with clients in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Working with customers through various channels, sales professionals can better understand which sales channel is most effective and what products and services, in what way and under what conditions it is best to offer each category of buyers. Despite the fact that in most cases direct sales or telephone sales dominate, the company will benefit greatly from the use of the Internet, which allows not only to sell goods and services, but also to interact with customers, regardless of the time of day and location of the client. At the same time, specialists of service departments can provide prompt service, quick provision of necessary answers to questions and resolution of customer problems.

Thus, the Client Center Altitude can become a single communication center both in interaction with customers and in communication between employees of the company, helping to coordinate the activities of marketing, sales and service units, thereby , forming a unified corporate strategy for working with clients.

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