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In the version of the program, starting with Word 2010, the user is offered a wide choice of options for designing the appearance of the page. In the word processor, you can now define the borders (borders), the background, the fill of the page, its background, etc.

Page boundaries. The page frame is an element of very strong expressiveness. Use it with extreme caution. There are relatively few cases when it is justified, and even fewer when needed. Usually, if the page has a frame, then it's a finished document: do not add or subtract (for example, cover page, forms, regulations, etc.).

To define a page border, click the Page Borders button in the Page Background category on the Page Layout tab. The already known Border and Fill dialog opens, but you need to pay attention to the Page tab. It is necessary to take into account that the frameworks set in this way are not applied to a certain paragraph, on the whole page as a whole. During the installation of the page frame it is also useful to pay attention to the line "Figure" appeared in the middle of the window.

The selected frame will be applied to all pages of the document by default. If you want to apply a frame to a specific page, you need to split the document into sections or select an option from the Apply to ... list. The document will be automatically divided into sections.

Clicking the Options button, you can change the position of the borders of the border on the page. Clicking the Horizontal line button allows you to add a graphic object & quot; horizontal line & quot; at the cursor location.

The page's substrate. Printable substrates can be both textual and graphic. Create a background in the document by clicking on the Substrate button in the Page Background category on the Page Layout tab. In the opened list, you can select the standard substrate variant or define custom parameters (menu bar Adjustable substrate). In the Printable Substrate dialog box that appears, select the substrate option Picture or Text; further, specific substrate parameters can be determined. Note that the document substrate applies to all pages of the document.

The document background is visible only in the Page Layout mode (small format) or in the document preview mode (File-Print menu section).

Fill page with color, gradient and textural background. In modern office practice, it is not accepted to print documents with a colored background, the background can be provided with the use of toned paper. It's cheaper and more efficient. But economic restrictions disappear if the document is intended for distribution in electronic form or in the form of a web publication.

At the beginning of the operation for filling the page with a colored background, the user determines the color scheme of the document's design by selecting the heme (the Themes group in the Page Layout tab). Means of the theme group are intended for color, font and additional design of web documents. In principle, they are used for registration and printed pages, but it is more convenient for these purposes to use the same tools of the Home tab styles group.

Color and gradient background fill in the page is done by clicking the Page Color button in the Page Background group on the Page Layout tab.

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Color Models. Basic concepts. To define color in computer practice, the concept of color models is used, one of the main models is the RGB model, in which any color can be represented by the sum of the baseline colors (red, blue, green). Each color is denoted by a number from 0 to 255. To determine the color options, use the concepts HSL - hue ( Hue ) , saturation (English Saturation ) , brightness (English Lightness ) . For more details on color models, see section III.

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