Labor protection and safety technology of human resources, Policies and programs concerning the protection of labor of human resources - Human Resource Management

15. Labor protection and safety of human resources

15.1. Policies and programs regarding the protection of human resources

Occupational safety and health policies and programs concern the protection of workers and other people who are affected by what an organization does and does from the dangers that arise during their work or in communication with the organization.

Professional health programs are involved in preventing the occurrence of diseases caused by working conditions. They include two elements:

- professional medicine - representing a specialized branch of preventive medicine, dealing with the diagnosis and prevention of the emergence of a disease or stress at work, despite the preventive measures taken;

- Occupational hygiene - is a field of activity of a chemist and engineer or an ergonomics specialist who performs measurements and exercises control over the occurrence of danger from environmental conditions.

Security programs deal with the prevention of accidents and minimizing losses from them, as well as minimizing damage to personnel and property. They are more closely related to work systems than to working conditions, but also to health programs, and safety programs deal with issues of hazard protection, their goals and methods are closely interrelated.

Providing as much as possible healthy and safe conditions in the workplace and eliminating the danger to health or breach of security is the responsibility of everyone working in the organization, as well as those who work there under contract. But the administration's duty is to achieve and even exceed the standards in terms of ensuring health and safety, which the legislation requires - GOST 12.0.230-2007 & quot; Occupational Safety Standards System. Occupational safety management systems. General requirements & quot; as well as those set forth in the US Labor Code.

The importance of health and safety policies and practices, unfortunately, is often underestimated by those involved in the management of organizations, as well as by individual managers within these organizations. But it can not be stressed again that managers and leadership bear the main responsibility for the prevention of accidents and the avoidance of health hazards and security breaches in order to reduce suffering and loss.

Close and continuous attention to work safety and safety is of great importance, since poor health or injury caused by work itself or working conditions lead to suffering and losses for individual employees and their dependents. In addition, accidents and absence at work place due to illness or injury lead to loss and damage to the organization. This reason is much less important than the human reasons given above, but it should still be considered.

Occupational health and safety management at work is carried out through:

- the development of policies and programs for the protection of labor and the safety of human resources;

- conducting risk assessments that identify hazards and assess their risks;

- conducting audits and inspections on health and safety;

- the introduction of professional health programs;

- management of stressful situations;

- prevention of accidents;

- measurements of health and safety indicators;

- informing about the need to use certain methods of working with human resources;

- teaching methods of work that contribute to the preservation of human health and safety;

- the organization of labor protection and safety conditions.

The statement of the policy on health and safety of human resources is necessary in order to demonstrate that senior management is concerned about the protection of workers in the organization from danger at work.

The policy should be stated in three directions:

- the general formulation of the policy;

- a description of the organization of working conditions conducive to maintaining health and safety;

- detailed measures to implement this policy.

The general policy is an expression of the employer's intentions with regard to health protection and worker safety. It should include four main points:

- the safety of employees and everyone within the organization is of paramount importance;

- safety is greater than savings;

- the organization does its utmost to ensure that the heads of structural units and employees participate in the development and implementation of procedures for ensuring safety and health;

- in matters of labor safety and health protection, the organization follows legislative acts.

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