Procedure for the development of feasibility studies of environmental measures, Selection of a comparison base - Economics of nature management

Procedure for the development of feasibility studies for nature protection measures

The feasibility study of single- and multi-purpose environmental measures is carried out at the following stages:

- the inclusion of work in the research plan, analysis in the process of research or design of alternative technical solutions, the completion of individual stages or work in general;

- the decision to include the results of the development in the implementation plan and the allocation of funds for the implementation of environmental measures;

- analysis of the economic effectiveness of the implemented nature protection measures.

Given the difference in the objectives of the feasibility study and the varying degree of reliability of the initial information at different stages of development and implementation, the following types of technical and economic calculations are singled out:

- determination of the preliminary (prognostic) economic effect of planned research and being in the initial stages of work;

- the economic justification of technical decisions taken in the process of research;

- calculation of the expected economic effect of individual completed stages of environmental research or fully completed development; calculation of the planned economic effect of the implemented results of scientific research or projects; calculation of the actual economic effect of the implemented developments.

The feasibility study should generally include:

1) analysis of production, scientific and technical, technical and economic, social and environmental aspects of the problem and justification of the need for work;

2) a brief description of the objectives and content of the work in question, as well as the anticipated (predictive) planned or actual technical and environmental characteristics of environmental technology or new technology;

3) evaluation of the timing of research and funding;

4) selection of the reference database;

5) analysis of technical and environmental benefits of new technology in comparison with the baseline;

6) analysis of the nature of the impact of technical differences between new and basic equipment on economic indicators;

7) establishing the scope of implementation of the development;

8) determination of the costs of implementing the basic nature conservation measure;

9) calculation (if necessary) of the magnitude of economic damage from environmental pollution when implementing a basic environmental protection measure;

10) determination of costs for the development and implementation of proposed options for environmental measures;

11) calculation (if necessary) of the magnitude of economic damage from environmental pollution when implementing proposed environmental measures;

12) bringing the options to a comparable view;

13) economic comparison of options, determining the size of the economic effect;

14) assessment of the socio-economic impact of the implementation of development results;

15) evaluation of scientific and technical effect;

16) conclusions.

Select a reference database

The choice of a comparison base in analyzing the effectiveness of environmental measures depends on the stage of development and on the assignment of the feasibility study.

I. When calculating the prognostic economic effect for the base, it is recommended to take technical and economic indicators of the best environmental technology (technology) of the same design, designed in the Russian Federation or abroad.

II. When calculating the planned economic effect for the comparison base, the best available environmental technology or technology is used, in return

which proposes to use new more advanced and effective technical solutions.

III. In the feasibility studies of design decisions, it is recommended that the technical and economic indicators of the best-developed environmental technology or technology (if alternative solutions exist) be used as a comparison base.

IV. If you include an environmental measure in the implementation plan of a particular enterprise and when assessing the actual effectiveness of the implemented technology in the accounting year, the technical and economic indicators of the replaced equipment should be used as a comparison base; the best in the industry and in the country similar in purpose engineering or technology.

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