How to find a qualitative essay writing service?

Essay writing is the very complicated thing if you will look through its apparent ease. Thereby, you should be very attentive and carefulwhen you select the writing firm. Here are the three main things that the good essay writing service should offer to you:
  • Plagiarism-free paper made due to your requirements
  • High confidentiality
  • Free revisions
  • Comfortable communication with the writer
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Good pricing policy, discounts to regular customers.

How to start writing the essay?

Essen begins with the introduction. It should include the relevance of the topic, the idea, and the course of work that you will do in the future. This part should be small. After the introduction, you should give the facts, examples, and reveal the theme and idea of your essay. This is the thesis, a basis that could exist by itself. The conclusion of the essay should be something middle between the introduction and the thesis. In conclusion, you will have to write how you understood the topic. You should also mention what the topic means for you, and what conclusions you can make about the research.

Rules for writing an essay

Essay writing is almost without formalization. To the number of formal rules applies only one - the writing of the title. The essay can have the free internal structure; while the final conclusions can be included in the main text. Arguments may be placed before the wording of the question or problem. The wording itself may coincide with the final conclusion.

The essay is a kind of a replica, addressed to an already prepared listener, representing in general terms that will be discussed. Thanks to this, the author can concentrate on revealing new facts without burdening the presentation with official details. If you hiring a reputable essay writing service, you can be sure that the final draft will be done accordingly to all existing requirements.

How to make your essay plagiarism-free?

You should learn how to make your essay work unique if you write it yourself. Students often use templates and examples of essays, written by other authors. There are two main methods to make the paper plagiarism-free in this case:
  • Use of synonyms
  • Rearranging the words in the sentences.

To raise the uniqueness of the text, you should read it several times and after that simply rephrase it. You can retain the meaning, while the uniqueness of the text increases several times. Students need this to get a good mark. If the sentence is too difficult to perceive, then several unnecessary words can be removed from it. After that, the remaining words can simply be swapped. In the end, the uniqueness of the text will rise to almost 100%.

Nowadays, the colleges raised the requirements for uniqueness very high. Ten years ago the requirements were not so strict. Everything has changed with the development of information exchange at the international level in the global network. Now there is an ocean of programs with anti-plagiarism functions, and to get a 100% (or close to this figure) result, you should check the text after making even the slightest changes. To avoid stress and get the plagiarism-free result, you should hire some essay writing service.

How to write the conclusion?

The conclusion is one of the most important parts of the essay. Most often, the teacher first reads the introductory part and the final one. Do not forget that you need to correctly formulate the final conclusion. You should remember, that there should be no new information in the conclusion, that was not mentioned in the main text.

Try to avoid the excessive number of words. The volume of the essay is limited to a specific number of words, so the available volume should be managed reasonably. In some cases, it is possible to abandon the details of any fact, especially if they are not directly relevant to the case. Do not distract the reader from the main topic of the essay.

In the essay, the author must express his own point of view, while in the presentation of the facts and arguments, no one limits it. Try to avoid too long phrases, don’t "overload" the paper with terms and definitions. Long sentences with a lot of turns are not proof of the author's view, in most cases, they distract the reader from the problem. Thereby, you should always take them aside.

To write an essay there is no time frame, thereby you can do the work several times, reworking it if you do not like something. To get the final result as good as possible, try to reread your own essay and make sure that there are no unsuccessful turns, and ambiguous expressions. Never use the insufficient number of details, long and tedious entry. The essay can lose if uses statements that are not supported by examples. When selecting the essay writing service, go through its examples to make sure that they are qualitative.

The main mistakes when writing an essay

The main mistakes that students do when writing essays are:
  • Wrong structure
  • Too many words
  • Only one point of view
  • Address to the reader
  • Lack of words-ligaments.
The right structure for the essay should include such parts:
  • introduction: 1 paragraph, 2-3 sentences, topic designation and problems
  • main part: 2-3 paragraphs for 4-6 sentences in each, presentation of different points of view or solutions to problems with relevant examples, sometimes - expressing their support for one of the points of view in one of the paragraphs
  • conclusion: 1 paragraph, 2-3 sentences, summing up the topic, expressing your opinion, no new information.

In the task, it is usually given to writing at least 250 words. Often students write more than 280 words, which is undesirable, or more than 300, which is unacceptable. If the teacher sees that the volume of the essay is much higher than the one expected, he will count the words and delete everything after 270-280 words. That means that these sentences will not even be read. Moreover, the essay will remain without ending and the structure will suffer. Find the good essay writing service to finalize your draft, and it will do everything accordingly to your requirements.

The task most often says that it is necessary to discuss both points of view and then to give their assessment (or to present several solutions, or several reasons). However, some students take a stand on the point of view with which they agree and discuss only it. In this case, the second point of view is mentioned at best only as insolvent, without giving it a full analysis. It is very bad if a student does not agree with any of the points of view presented on the topic. Sometimes students reject the topic and then write about their own ideas.

Stick to the assignment

If the assignment says about some requirements to the topic, this is the most serious mistake that can be made if the essay is written on a topic different from this one. The teacher assesses the candidate's ability to talk about the subject from different perspectives within a given topic. Thereby, it is important to be able to abstract from one's opinion and write in a way that will be more useful from the point of view of the structure. Address to the reader are also unacceptable in essays, they are acceptable only in journalism.

Lack of words-ligaments is also a serious mistake in the essay. When a person has no experience of using linguistic words, the syllable of his essay becomes childish. This mistake strongly affects both the overall impression and the transparency of the structure of the essay for the reader.

Set the right priorities when writing the essay

If you have two things to do before you: important and urgent, then first you need to carry out important, and only then urgent. In fact, in most tasks from the category of simple and non-urgent, you often go into the category of "super complicated" and "super-urgent". However, it is important to avoid such tactic.

After all, if you choose from the entire list exactly those cases that are most important for you, this will ensure the future long-term success for you. You will successfully solve the other things because you will have the energy after doing important assignments.

Plan your writing day

Remember that you and only you have the right to choose for what you have a priority in life. After all, only you know your abilities better than others and can adequately assess your strengths and weaknesses. This gives you a strong ability to plan the writing process effectively and fight procrastination. To start planning your writing process you need:
  • A diary - this can be a notebook in which you will write down assignments for each day. You can do with a standard notebook, divided into two parts: for a list of cases and ideas that have visited you
  • A mobile phone in which you can create reminders. For example, the phone will warn you that it's time to finish with checking the news and start cooking dinner
  • Computer or laptop - they are needed only by those who constantly work on the computer. Here you can create a variety of files: "what to do today", "task list for the weekend", "what to buy on Sunday", and etcetera.

Fight procrastination

To fight procrastination, you should break it into pieces first. As the long-term practice has shown, the most effective way is to divide the day into 30-minute steps. The break between these steps is 5-10 minutes. This method allows you to quickly pick yourself up and teach you how to plan time and day. Every normal person will be frightened by large-scale tasks. Thereby, the procrastinator will be scared even more.

Therefore, it is recommended to split all your tasks into blocks. The first time it will be difficult, but you will agree that the task divided into blocks is easier to perform. Do everything block by block, and all the tasks will be done. This way you will be able to overcome procrastination.

There must be order in everything. You should make your working place clean. No dirty cups, scattered notebooks and dirty keyboard. All this can only push you to procrastination and distract you. The view of the clean workplace, accordingly to psychologists, helps to become more controlled and teaches how to plan your day.

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