Information support of water, forest and faunistic relations - Actual problems of environmental law

Information support of water, forest and faunistic relations

Information support of the rights of the state, municipal entities, individuals and legal entities to water, forests and wildlife, fulfillment of duties in relation to them becomes important.

In Art. 30-31 VK provides that the State Water Register is a systematized set of documented information on water bodies in federal, regional, municipal and private ownership, their use, river basins, and basin districts. The state register is created for the purpose of information support of integrated use and target water bodies, their protection, for planning and development of measures to prevent negative impacts of water and eliminate its consequences.

Within five days, the federal executive body authorized by the US Government shall provide the interested person with the information of the state water register or in writing send him a reasoned refusal to provide such information. Information on the provision of water bodies for use is posted on the official website of the federal executive body authorized by the US Government, which maintains this register in the manner established by the US Government in the information and telecommunications network "Internet".

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According to Part 5 of Art. 6 VC information on the limitation of water use in public water bodies is provided to residents of the relevant settlements by local government through the mass media and through special information signs installed along the shores of water bodies. Other ways of providing such information may also be used. The use of information capacity by the public authorities to ensure water use for drinking water supply is a priority because of the location of the majority of settlements near water bodies, the traditional use of water for recreational purposes.

An urgent problem is the protection of the environment, the protection of the rights of citizens and society for natural resources in water protection zones and coastal protection zones in which a special special regime for economic and other activities is established to prevent pollution, contamination, siltation and depletion of water, habitat of aquatic biological resources.

According to Part 18 of Art. 65 VC fixing the boundaries of water protection zones and coastal protective bands on the terrain with special information signs is carried out in accordance with the land legislation. If these regulations are sometimes observed in the cities, in rural areas, the more often becoming a recreational zone, such requirements are rarely observed and their implementation in the interests of rational and legal nature management should be intensified. Damage to information marks entails administrative punishment under art. 7.2 of the Administrative Code.

Forest management is closely related to environmental protection, forest areas constitute a significant part of the Russian forest fund, forest management is undergoing a change, and the transfer of relevant functions to US entities is being carried out. In accordance with Art. 49 LC information on the volume of seized forest resources, their commodity structure, other information is provided by citizens, legal entities that use forests, to public authorities, local governments within the powers of these bodies.

The fur farming, hunting, fish farming, fishing, other forms of use and protection of fauna objects, information about which should serve the development of the national economy, have a direct bearing on the nature use and protection of the environment. In Art. 14-15 of the Federal Law on Wildlife provides that state monitoring of fauna objects is conducted in order to timely identify the distribution, abundance, physical condition of wildlife, structure, quality and area of ​​their habitat, assess these changes, prevent and eliminate the consequences of negative processes and phenomena for the conservation of biological diversity, the provision of a sustainable state of fauna and their scientifically based use.

Information support of faunistic relations is envisaged in the Federal Law on hunting, the requirements of which are to be realized. As one of the main principles of legal regulation in this area, the publicity of granting hunting lands to use (Article 2 of the Federal Law on hunting) is named. Not less than 25 days prior to the day of the auction for the right to enter into a hunting agreement, an announcement of the auction must be posted on the official website of the United States of America on the Internet; the notice is published in a periodical printed publication determined by the supreme executive body of the United States entity in whose territory the hunting ground is located (Article 28 of the Federal Law on hunting).

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The powers of the US government authorities include the establishment of the composition and order of the state hunting register, as well as the procedure for collecting and storing the documented information contained therein and presenting it to interested persons (Article 32 of the Federal Law on Hunting). Ohothozyaystvenny State Register is carried out by the executive authorities of the USA subject to the principles of ensuring accessibility, and documented the information contained therein relating to the public, is available upon request of any person (art. 37 of the Federal Law on Hunting). It is necessary to designate on the terrain the boundaries of the zones for the protection of hunting resources, including through special information signs (Article 51 of the Federal Law on hunting). The information requirements envisaged by this and other federal nature-resource laws are subject to steady implementation, which in the conditions of confusion in law enforcement presents a problem, but hopes are placed on realistic competitive market struggle and overcoming corruption.

The information requirements provided for in detail in the US legislation, which contribute to environmental protection and the organization of rational nature management, have not become the norm of life to the present day and need to be more actively studied, developed and observed, implemented, used by individuals and legal entities.

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