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SAMO-Tour, Master-Tour and ComTour

SAMO-Tour program complex

The complex is designed to assist the manager when working with travel agency clients:

• Select a standard or select an individual route;

• selection of the tour period;

• the formation of tourist profiles;

• booking tour services;

• registration of discounts, commissions, surcharges and formation of the total cost of the tour for the client or partner.

The complex is supplied with reference books of partners, hotels, flights, services, prices, blocks of rooms in hotels, blocks of places on transport and blocks of seats on the tour. Based on the selections from the directories, the formation of service packages is realized-the description of the tour's route, the set of services at each point of the route, the creation of races.

Upon request of clients, a voucher, ticket TOUR-1, tickets, insurance policies, questionnaires to embassies for obtaining visas, application for booking and lists of tourists are printed.

The order of customers has the status of "paid - not paid", which allows you to control payment for any period of time, including by partner and the whole guru. On the basis of applications, accounting documents are generated-an account, an invoice, a cash receipt. Based on the documents formed a sales book. Paid bids are included in the sales book.

The application database is used for statistical analysis and analysis of the effectiveness of advertising in particular.

The complex has the ability to connect to the Internet for the remote processing of applications of travel agents by the tour operator. As a means of processing requests for team work, the Windows SQL Server program is used.

The Master Tour package

The purpose of the complex is similar to the previous one. The complex allows you to create a tourist product, calculate the expected profit from the sale of the tour and the size of the commission agent, complete the groups of tourists, generate the entire set of documents for the sale of the service: air travel, transfer, hotel accommodation, several excursions, visas, insurance and tour-specific additional services . The complex is realized in the form of two modules: tourist and financial. Tourist module implements the functions of the formation and implementation of tourist products, work with partners and access to the Internet. In the administrator mode, the rights of access to the information base are differentiated - the sales manager, as a rule, gets the right only to sell, but not the formation of the finished product. Financial module is intended for the formation of statements of accounts with agents, partners, reflecting the movement of funds at the checkout, estimating costs and financial results for the arrival and in general for the enterprise. As a means of processing requests for teamwork, you use the SQL Server program of Centura.

ComTour Software Complex

Companies-providers of ZAO Comstar & quot; and CJSC "MTU-Intel" Unite to provide comprehensive services to customers. One of the most urgent tasks is the preparation of decisions aimed at specific industries. It is precisely the absence of such what Western analysts call the main problem of ASP. Indeed, if the ASP model is the implementation of the slogan "Buy and use", then this model is implemented on the example of the tourism industry and the Comtour project ( Company & quot; Integration technologies in commerce & quot; (Inteltekom) has released a fundamentally new tourist system. AIS & quot; Comtour & quot; connects the functions of the intra-office tour operator program with the capabilities of electronic trading platforms. World trends in the development of the tourism industry and the growth rate of the use of electronic means of communication suggest that any "local" decisions will become obsolete tomorrow. The task was set: using the Internet, to bring information to where it is needed - a travel agent and a potential traveler. At the same time, to simplify the search and booking in real time of electronic tours, which are presented in the form of customary price lists.

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