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Identification of a transaction, Sale of goods, Provision of services, Interest, royalties and dividends, Disclosure - International Financial Reporting Standards
Organization and carrying out of field works, Personnel selection - Marketing researches
Control automaton with circuit logic (UASL), Appointment and composition of UFSL, Principle of work of UFSL - Informatics
Property of the organization, its classification and characteristics - Basics of accounting
Operational analysis of the organization - Finance
Rules and errors of argumentation, Rules and errors in relation to the thesis. - Business ethics
Abilities in the psychological structure of the personality, Ability and activity - Psychology
Shares of value and strategy of "Dow Dogs" - Investments
Arithmetic Logic Devices (ALU), Functions of ALU - Informatics
Mass communication - the nervous system of a holistic social organism - Psychology of journalism
Estimation of hunting grounds - Economics of nature management
Types and methods of formalized observations - Marketing research
Other project evaluation criteria, Equivalent annual income ECF, Profitability index РІ - Investment projects and real options in emerging markets
Stages of securities issue, Decision on securities issue - Securities market. Theory and practice
Theory of organizations as a strategic dimension, Public management as a public application of private methods - Public policy
The economic essence of insurance - Insurance underwriting
Foreign mechanism for allocating budgetary funds to non-profit organizations - Finance of non-profit organizations
THEORY OF SOCIAL TRAINING ALBERT BANDURA, Introduction to the theory of social learning Albert Bandura, Learning through imitation - Child psychology
The main types of problems solved in the stock market, Problem solving algorithms, Tasks for calculating yield, Tasks for comparing yields - Securities market. Theory and practice
London International Stock Exchange of Financial Futures (LMB), International stock exchange organizations that regulate stock exchange activity, Stock indices - International economic relations

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