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A literature review on the research topic is the first important step in the implementation of the research project, forming its basis. This article examines the objectives of the literature review and its scope, principles of selection of sources, rules for citing and linking to sources, the process of recording information, systematizing the material, and writing a literature review, as well as where to find a good literature review writing service.

A review of the literature is a study of works published by various authors on the topic of the planned study.

The purpose of the review, first of all, is to describe what was done on the topic at the time of the study:
  • The concepts
  • Approaches of different authors
  • The current state of the problem
  • The range of unresolved problems in this field of knowledge

The review of the literature is conducted with a view to identifying the narrow question chosen for the study. In the review, it is necessary to justify the need to conduct a study, that is, to show that the study of the issue involved in the work, on the one hand, is relevant and promising, and, on the other hand, in practice, has not yet been conducted or carried out in insufficient scope.

Primary literature search on the research problem

The selection of literature, logic, and the sequence of work on it are determined by the specifics of the chosen research topic. The effectiveness of the researcher’s work depends on the quantity and quality of the literature.

When choosing literature, it is recommended, first of all, to dwell on some more extensive fundamental source, in which the selected topic is considered, and move further in the direction from general to particular – from basic provisions to more specific ones. It is better to refer to sources whose authors have the greatest scientific authority in this field. In the course of studying the selected source, in its text, subscripts and a list of used literature, references can be found to the literature in which the topic chosen by the researcher is examined.

Next, you should search for a highly specialized material – scientific articles in periodicals. When working with articles, it is necessary to carefully separate the main from the secondary and reliable information from the assumptions.

Search for necessary literature is carried out in monographs, articles, journals, reference materials, etc. and in the internet (search systems of electronic libraries and sites where magazines, monographs, and other literary sources are placed).

When ordering a review from a literature review writing service, there is no need for you to look for information because the specialists of the company will do it for you.

Conducting an analysis of the content

At this stage, reading, systematization of the selected material, selection of the necessary factual data is carried out. Starting to work with literature, the researcher immediately begins to compile a bibliography.

As the volume of literature grows in the process of work, it becomes necessary to organize correctly the work with the bibliographic material found – sort by importance and complexity.

In constructing your work, the researcher should clearly define which theories and concepts he adopts as basic, and which only refers to in the analysis of literary sources, and also to justify why.

Drawing up a plan for literary review

The plan should reflect the relevance of the research, as well as the order in which literary sources will be presented in the literary review. It should be specific, structured, and realistic, taking into account available literature, as a basis, it is better to take the chronological principle.

Collection of additional literature

This stage is rather conditional, it goes through a parallel process during the entire period of writing a literary review.

Studying the literature on the selected topic

It is necessary to study as much literature as possible on the chosen topic. When collecting material, one should not strive solely to borrow information, the review should be written in your own words, if possible, clearly adhering to the terminology of the work described, comparing, and analyzing the findings. When ordering a paper on a literature review writing service, the writers will analyze all the resources and disclose the opinion that will sound like yours.

Use for review only information that is directly related to the topic. The criterion for evaluating the read is the possibility of its practical use in research work.

Work with text

Work with the text includes the following:
  • General acquaintance with the text according to the table of contents
  • A cursory review of the content of the text in order to determine what is being said
  • Selective reading of the most significant material
  • Copying of ideas of interest
  • Checking, summarizing, and critical evaluation of the recorded, editing it for possible use in its work
  • Checking the correctness of understanding individual words and thoughts using reference literature

Drawing up a brief summary

After studying each source, it is necessary to note (quote, rephrase) the most important points, create a unique data bank on a selected topic that can be useful in further research such as:
  • Interesting thoughts
  • Facts
  • Figures
  • Different points of view
  • Quotes
  • Theses
Forms of recording can be diverse, the most common are the following:
  • Records of experimental results, various types of measurements, and observations.
  • Extracts from the analyzed documents, literary sources (articles, books, monographs, etc.).

It is recommended that you specify the source of borrowing precisely so that it can be easily found if necessary. It is necessary writing down the selected information (on paper or electronic files) in the optimal way for the researcher, choosing a method suitable for individual features, the pace of thinking, the amount of memory, the breadth of associative links, carefully checking the text of the retelling with the original source.

It is important to draw up references to sources from the first stages of the literature review.

Particular attention should be paid to citations (literal text extract from the primary document) of texts.

Each quotation must be enclosed in quotation marks and have a reference to a particular author and a specific work – a journal article, a chapter in the book, a monograph – with precise information about all the source data (year, publishing house) and mandatory indication of the page, on which the quoted material is located. The list of used literature indicates all the initial data.

Classification of collected material

Simultaneously with the registration of the collected material, it should be grouped, compared, etc. Classification makes it possible to get to the essence of the topic in the shortest and right way. It facilitates the search and helps establish previously unnoticed connections and patterns. Classification should be carried out throughout the process of studying the material. It is one of the central and essential parts of the general methodology of any scientific research.

Writing a literature review

You can either write a review yourself or use the services of a special literature review writing service. To write a literary review, it is necessary to select the most authoritative sources, it is desirable to find the latest materials because science, technology, and culture develop continuously. The review of literature always begins with a description of the relevance of the studied problem of scientific research. It describes the existing views on the studied problem, their evolution, called the main representatives of scientific thought, worked on this issue, their achievements are given.

The introductory part

The introductory section of the literature review often does not contain an accurate description of the problem and the results of the research. It is better to arrange the description in chronological order, indicating who, at what period, and under whose supervision the study was conducted, by bringing a brief description of the object of research and experiment. This should save the researcher from having to reproduce the same information for each subsequent citation.

The main part

The main part of the literature review is created on the basis of publications containing materials of direct research. Their review should begin with a brief description of the experiments carried out, a list of the main results. It is necessary for the reader to imagine when, by whom, and at which site the research was conducted, in which the results were obtained and, if necessary, and be possible to refer to the primary sources. Care should be taken with the experimental materials obtained in other studies. It is not necessary to reproduce entire tables, limited only to individual indicators. Any particular result should have a link to the source, include not only an exact indication of the publication, but also the page where this result is given.

Critical review of literature review

The review of the literature should be analytical, so the presentation of the facts must be approached critically. Analysis of literature should be built around the problem, not publications. Carrying out the analysis, it is necessary to emphasize both the similarity in the practical results of the work and their coincidence with theoretical assumptions, as well as discrepancies, divergences, poor knowledge of certain issues.

Analyzing the sources, it is required to determine the weak points in the works, to find previously unexplored aspects. At the same time, one should not rush to state his vision of the problem, since the main task of analyzing literature is only to identify problems and to familiarize oneself with the current state of the field of research.

If part of the information is useless, you do not need to enter it into the review.

Writing a conclusion

The conclusion end with brief deductions of the literature analysis, the purpose of the planned research work is formulated. When ordering a review from a reliable literature review writing service, you can be sure that the conclusions will be written in a professional way.

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