Task 7. Application of reports for visual display of data - Information technologies in management (management)

Task 7. Applying reports to visualize data

1. Use the Report Wizard to create a report Payroll on the basis of the request Payroll. Include all the fields in the request. Set grouping by Position. Summarize the fields Salary, Allowance, Tax and On your hands. All currency fields are assigned the format Monetary.

2. Write a report, which shows the names of employees, and for each employee - the contracts that he concluded, information about the client, the cost of the tour. Save the report with the name Employee report.

3. Create a Tour Contracts report with the calculated fields:

• Create a report for the Treaties table using Wizards and group by Tour code, sorting in ascending order Contract numbers;

• Open this report in Design mode;

• Summarize each group (for each tour). To do this:

- Add the totals by group to the report using the Report Designer Tools - Constructor - Grouping and Totals - Grouping

- in the & quot; Grouping, sorting & totals & quot; (Figure 11.43), click the button and in the expanded box select the option with the note section

- Insert the new field in the section of the Field field of the

- in the field name properties, specify the signature & quot; Total Contract Amount & quot ;;

- in the properties of the field itself, on the Data - Data tab, use Build to generate a formula

= SUM ([tour price] * [number of tourists]);

Creating a Group Note in a Report

Fig. 11.43. Creating a group note in a report

- On the All tab, set Field format - Cash, and in the The text color is red.

4. Review the report.

5. Modify the report for calculating totals for all employees by adding a summary field to the Report Note section (Figure 11.44).

6. On the basis of the table Employees create a report with grouping by the year of birth of employees (Figure 11.45), each

Ready Report Tour Contracts

Fig. 11.44. Ready report Tour agreements

Report with grouping by decades

Fig. 11.45. Reporting by decades

A decade should form a group (1950-1959, 1960-1969, etc.). To do this:

• Create a report based on the Employees table, by grouping the Date of birth field and setting the > Customizable : Grouping - Years, Interests - 10 ;

• add a calculated field in the Data area section of the report

Age = Round (((Date () - [DateRates])/365));

• in the Group Date of Birth section:

Years of birth from [MinGr] to [MaxGr], where Years of birth with and on - are inscriptions (Figure 11.46); [MinGr] and [MaxGr] - calculated fields:

[min Gy] = (min (Datepart (& quot; yyyu & quot ;; [Date of birth])) 10) * 10

[maxGr] = [minRG] +9.

7. Create labels based on the Clients table as shown in Fig. 11.46


Fig. 11.46. Sticker

sample. Include the Contact Person and Customer Address fields in the labels, and add the Inscription text & quot; To & quot; and & quot; From & quot;.

8. Save the work.

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