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Ancient philosophy, Diogenes Laertius. About life, teachings and sayings of famous philosophers - Reader on philosophy
Labor protection and safety precautions, Prevention of blood borne diseases - Technology of hotel activities
Development of pupils of the senior classes in the process of professional self-determination - Pedagogical psychology
Heredity - Pedagogy. Theoretical pedagogy
Indoctrination as a result of "cultural imprinting" - Pedagogical psychology
Pronoun - Modern Russian language
Philosophy of information war, Information war as civil war - Political philosophy
The direction of the rationale for the investment idea is "bottom-up & quot; - Investments
Public contract, Agreement of accession - Commercial law
Method of multiphase curing of a jet, Technological processes of dimensional processing of forming of details by volume building - Technological processes in mechanical engineering
Regularities of systems, Regularities of interaction of a part and the whole - System theory and system analysis
Social Institutions, Social Institutions and Social Roles - Social Philosophy
Jefferson on international democracy - Democracy as a universal value
Property in the fiduciary management of the organization, the procedure for using property when liquidating a non-profit organization - Finance of non-profit organizations
Cases on recognizing a citizen as missing or on declaring a citizen dead - Civil Procedure Law
The use of analytical and advisory systems in the ISU, Types of consulting systems in the ISU. Economic Advisory Diagnostic Systems - Research of Control Systems
System, software and hardware methods of control of reliability, Control methods with structural, temporary & information redundancy - Research of control systems
Methods of confronting conflicts in business relations - Ethics of business relations
Selection of market winners by Graham-Ree method, Graham-Ree questions for forming an investment-attractive portfolio of shares (requires answer "yes" / "no") - Investments
Elements of the financial system, International economic relations - World economy

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