Labor protection and safety precautions, Prevention of blood borne diseases - Technology of hotel activities

Health and Safety

Occupational safety and health issues (Safety Procedure) in the hotel and, in particular, in the AHC should be given great attention. The head of the AKS together with the management of the hotel creates proper working and rest conditions for the staff. Rooms for rest, changing rooms, showers should be kept clean and have all the necessary sanitary conditions. All employees must have a comfortable, attractive form. Much attention is paid to the working canteen. The menu should be varied, including dessert, fruit, pastries, etc. It is necessary that the service entrance is always clean and attractive. This emphasizes the fact that the staff are not indifferent to the hotel.

Improving working conditions, implementing activities that ensure safety and prevent possible injuries and occupational diseases are important factors that increase the efficiency of hospitality industry enterprises. Creating a safe working environment is the task of every employee! To ensure safety for customers and employees, hotel staff must meet the following general requirements:

• Always adhere to the established order when doing work and know what to do in an emergency situation

• consult your supervisor if something is unclear;

• immediately notify the supervisor of any malfunctions or malfunctions in the equipment that could cause damage.

Preventing Blood Transmitted Diseases

There are microorganisms living in the blood that can cause such infectious diseases as hepatitis B, AIDS, etc. Infection penetrates the human body, most often through the wounds on the skin in contact with the infected object. The sources of danger are:

• blood and other biological emissions on sheets, towels and other linens;

• blood and other biological emissions on floors, shells, etc .;

• Needles found in garbage baskets, under beds, between mattresses and in bedding;

• napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, scraps of paper in trash cans in hotel rooms and toilets;

• Shards of glass, blades, which were cut by an infected person;

• Improper first aid in case of injury to a guest or employee.

To protect against such diseases, it is recommended:

• Cover cuts, scratches and other open wounds with adhesive tape during operation;

• Use extreme caution with sharp, pricking, cutting objects;

• Use personal protective equipment, i.e. protective equipment that prevents the infection carriers from entering the eyes, mouth and the body through clothing (rubber gloves, gowns, facial masks, goggles, mouth protection);

• use garbage bags marked "Biohazardously", special containers for needles, splinters, etc.

• Do not get your hands into trash cans or garbage cans;

• Do not put your hands between the mattresses of the bed or under the cushions on the chairs;

• Avoid contact with potentially infected material;

• Do not touch dry blood spots, they may be infected;

• Use an oxygen mask when providing first aid;

• always check gloves for tears, holes before and after use, destroy damaged gloves, re-use gloves only after they have been carefully disinfected;

• remove gloves gently, wash and disinfect hands;

• Take food, apply makeup, manipulate contact lenses only in strictly designated areas;

• In the event that any traces of blood or discharge are detected, immediately notify your supervisor who will contact the health care provider to remove the source of the hazard.

Every employee who believes that he has had contact with potentially infected material can expect a free hepatitis B vaccination.

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