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Organization and functioning of the environmental management system, Development stages and implementation scheme, Environmental policy - Environmental management and audit
Measurement errors, Concept of measurement error, Classification of measurement errors, Systematic errors, General information on systematic errors - Metrology, standardization and certification
International legislation in the field of legal provision of social services - Legal support of social work
Special models of operations research, Elements of game theory, The concept of gaming models - The study of operations in the economy
Defined contribution pension plan, Defined benefit scheme - International Financial Reporting Standards
Methods of conflict resolution - Fundamentals of Sociology and Political Science
Compositional models of presentation, Preparation of public presentation with presentation - Informatics for the humanities
Diagnostics of distortion of information by a partner in the process of business communications - Business Communications
Logical Foundations of Argumentation, Introduction, The Concept of Argumentation, Its Structure and Types - Logic for Managers
Unconscious competence in problem identification - Methods of active learning
Services for guests during their stay - Organization of hotel business
Determination of corrosion of metals by a stray current, Determination of signs of biochemical corrosion - Ground science
Accounting of settlements with buyers and customers, Accounting of settlements with suppliers and contractors - Accounting financial accounting
THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF AUDIT, ESSENCE AND CONTENT OF AUDIT, Concept of audit, its subject and objects, Principles of carrying out of audit - Audit
Intermediate stage "Identification of source data, their collection and analysis", Final stage "Economic evaluation of the project and its implementation" - Design of logistics systems
G. Lasswell as the father of political psychology - Political psychology
CONSTRUCTION OF CONCEPTUAL MODELS OF SYSTEMS AND THEIR FORMALIZATION, Transition from description to block model. - Modeling of systems
Change in the structure of supply management (full-time supply service), Outsourcing of certain logistic functions (operations) in the supply, The method of reduced costs - Logistics supply
Retail sales of insurance products - Organization of insurance business
Corpuscle disease, Establishment of prescription of the onset of death - Forensic medicine

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