Services for guests during their stay - Organization of hotel business

Serving guests during their stay

Shoe cleaning. The process of providing this service includes the following steps:

• After receiving a call from the guest, the butler must pick up shoes from the room. A guest can bring his own shoes to the VIP lounge himself;

• the butler is required to note the room number, the guest's name and the time of receiving the order in Butler's Worksheet ;

• the butler brings shoes to the shoe cleaner in a special bag;

• The butler explains to the shoe cleaner the wishes of the guest for cleaning his shoes;

• After taking the shoes out of the cleaning, the butler should note the lead time of the order in Butler's Worksheet,

• the butler is included in the room, taking into account the standards of the hotel in this respect;

• in case the guest is not in the room, the butler opens the door with his key and leaves the shoes (without the bag) at the entrance to the room, in the corner;

• if the guest is in the room, the butler hands him shoes (without a bag) or, at the request of the guest, leaves the shoes at the entrance;

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• the butler wishes the guest good pastime at the hotel and offers his help in other matters;

• Returns to the VIP lounge.

Collecting trays. All utensils and trays delivered to guests in the morning, in the evening or during the day must be removed in time after using them. Sometimes guests themselves put trays in the corridor, but more often they just leave in the room. The procedure for collecting used dishes can be as follows:

• on each tray there should be a small plate with the room number and information that the guest can call his butler and he will pick up the tray;

• trays delivered with morning orders must be collected two hours after delivery;

• Delivering other orders or a welcome glass of champagne, the butler should notify the guest that he can call the butler and he will clean the tray at any time convenient for the guest;

• If the butler does not have the opportunity to pick up the tray himself for a good reason, he must ask for help from the waiters in the room.

Individual approach to servicing guests in modern high-class hotels is an important component of increasing competitiveness and allows the company to receive high profits. Guests feel more comfortable when next to them is their personal butler. The guest communicates with a person he knows, who has long known his habits, preferences and sometimes asks: "Mr. Ivanov, as always, fresh orange juice and" Kommersant "? & Quot; Guests feel this attention and they like when they come to the hotel for the hundredth time, they are met by the same lovely, smiling butlers in white gloves and with silver trays in their hands that do not need to look at the computer to remember how call the guest.

Butler service helps guests feel at home, this is the main goal of any hotel in all countries of the world - "home away from home". It should be ensured that each of the guests, when coming, always said: "Well, I came to my favorite hotel, as to my home."

Individual approach to each guest makes his stay in the hotel unforgettable and is a serious incentive to return to the same hotel where he is always waiting, know by name and welcome. It is safe to say that the butler service in the hotel is, in fact, one of the main services that keep customers. The presence of such a service is a big plus, allowing the hotel to separately position itself in the market of hotel services.


Rich people stopping at the hotel with the services of a personal butler appreciated the care and care that filled the life at the hotel. There are still legends about the butlers.

One day in a hotel in London, a young captain stopped, who after a while had to go to war. He became very friendly with his butler, who, as best he could, tried to raise the captain's unhappy mood. After 10 years, the former young captain, and now the general again stopped at the same hotel. When he went into his room, on his bed lay a book he had forgotten 10 years ago. The book was laid down on the page on which the captain had finished reading it.

At the American Hotel & quot; Marriott & quot; a young butler began his work. The general manager of the hotel spoke at the opening session for new employees. He said then: "Do not expect someone to tell you the right decision, act on your own!" Once in the hotel a very rich Frenchman settled. One day the guest shared his problem with the butler. It turned out that he had forgotten at home, in Paris, very important documents necessary for the negotiations scheduled for tomorrow. The butler, without a long thought, bought a ticket for Concorde and, having reached Paris in a few hours, had already in the evening provided the forgotten documents to the hands of an important guest. The joy of the Frenchman was limitless! When the general manager began to study the financial documentation for a month, he discovered that it was unclear why a large amount of money was spent. He summoned a young man to him and listened to his story. After some time, after successful negotiations, the Frenchman returned the amount spent for the trip, and within 5 years he, his family and friends stayed only in the hotels of the company "Marriott" and a total profit of $ 500,000!

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In an effort to increase the number of guests in their hotels, their hosts are introducing more and more new services that are becoming more and more unusual and exotic.

In the list of unusual services of foreign hotels get security guard "concierge sleep," the aromatization of rooms, taking into account the guest's preferences, reading at night tales, warming beds by employees wearing special thermal suits. In hotels you can meet a acrobat, soaring up in the atrium of the hotel, to get a bottle of wine for the guest; "fairy", decorating the room with flowers and serving drinks and chocolate; employees, whose job duties include dispersal of pigeons from the square, and shepherds driving a flock of ducks to the fountain of the hotel. Somewhere they even offer polishing and cleaning coins.

In conclusion of this section, I would like to emphasize once again that, with the external similarity of functions in the activities of butlers and concierges, there is also a fundamental difference, that butlers provide liaison between the guests and the world inside the hotel, they are intermediaries between clients and all hotel services. Butlers take care of guests for the period of their stay at the hotel. Concierges are engaged, as a rule, with all that concerns the service outside the hotel walls, i.e. carry out guest communications with the outside world.

Another important service in the hotel is guests relations. This service is an intermediary between the guests and the hotel administration. With all the issues arising during the stay in the hotel, claims, wishes, tourists turn to this service. The task of the personnel of this service is to listen attentively, to try to help, to solve the problems that have arisen correctly and delicately. In addition, the service constantly conducts a survey of guests to study the requirements, tastes, wishes of tourists, identify any negative points in the work. This helps to correct the work of all hotel services, improve and improve the service.

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