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Accommodation with animals

For those who love and keep a dog or other animal at home, go on vacation, on a business trip or on other matters - a big problem. To leave an animal in the care of relatives or friends is not always possible. The network of specialized hotels for animals is not wide enough even in Western countries. Therefore, some consumers of hotel services want to live in a hotel with their pets.

As for the Moscow hotels, only a small part of them (about 10%) allows their guests to be accommodated in the rooms together with their pets (most often they are dogs). Different hotels have different orders in this respect. Some hotels require a certificate from the veterinarian about the health of the animal, in other hotels, a special cage for keeping the animal will be a prerequisite for living. The rates for accommodation of guests with four-legged friends will be different. In high-class hotels, the additional payment for this type of service can be from $ 12 to $ 50 per day. Abroad, almost all hotels, if necessary, receive guests with animals. At the same time, the hotels have excellent conditions for pets: specially prepared food, services for walking in specially designated areas, etc. It is desirable for clients to agree on these issues in advance with the hotel.

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As a rule, in domestic hotels accommodation of guests with animals is allowed in consultation with the hotel administration upon presentation of a veterinary certificate, with a note on vaccination against rabies. Below are the main sanitary-hygienic and veterinary-sanitary rules and norms that animal owners must comply with:

• in public places, dogs and cats should be on a short leash and only accompanied by owners;

• animal owners are required to maintain sanitary standards in the hotel. If the animal left excrement in the hotel, they must be immediately removed by the owner;

• When walking the animals, the owner must carry a scoop and a packet to collect the feces left by the animals, which are immediately collected in a bag and thrown into an urn;

• animal owners are obliged to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of surrounding people and animals;

• To take the dog out for a walk is necessary on a leash and in a muzzle. It is forbidden to walk dogs and to appear with them in public places to persons in a state of intoxication and children under 14 years old;

• Dog owners must ensure the silence in the living areas of the hotel from 22.00 to 08.00 hours.

Guests of the hotel should have information about the nearest veterinary clinic.

Other additional services

The hotel can offer its guests to use a camera, an umbrella, prepare a bouquet and much, much more. These and other additional and accompanying services give guests the opportunity to feel comfortable, fruitfully work and relax. They will be appreciated by both tourists and businessmen coming to business.

Often guests need to extend their stay. Guests are advised to notify the reception service in advance so that the hotel can plan the loading and align the wishes of the customers with their capabilities. In case of impossibility of prolongation, residents must vacate the room within the agreed period. If there is an opportunity to extend the period of residence, the administrator makes appropriate adjustments in the computer program and in the relevant documents. Before extending the validity period of the plastic card key (in those hotels where electronic locking systems are used), you should check the loan amount and, if necessary, carry out the additional pre-authorization procedure.

Sometimes there is a need to transfer guests residing in the hotel guests from one room to another. There are many reasons and reasons for this. Firstly, it is inconvenience to the guests, caused by the fault of the hotel due to any technical problems, such as a malfunction of the TV, air conditioning, telephone, refrigerator, sanitary equipment, etc. Secondly, then do not personally arrange in the room, such as a view from the window, a specific smell, noise from neighbors, color range of the room, etc. According to the Rules for the Provision of Hotel Services in the US, "the contractor must eliminate the deficiencies of the service provided within an hour from the time the consumer provides the relevant requirement."

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In case of serious malfunctions, malfunctions of equipment or devices requiring long-term repair, and also with objective, reasonable claims, residents must unequivocally resettle living in another room of a similar category. At the same time, it is necessary to fix this fact in the computer program and make notes in the relevant documents. In addition to the reception and accommodation services, information about the transfer of customers from one number to another must have a floor service ( Housekeeping ) and a food service (Food Seivice).

The maid service should promptly clean the vacant room, give information about its readiness for a new race, and thus the hotel can avoid downtime. To the food service, this information is also very important in order to avoid confusion in accepting and delivering orders to customers.

The receptionist signs out a special form - & quot; Permission to transfer from one number to another & quot; (Room Change ), consisting of three copies and providing a copy effect, which indicates:

• date of transfer;

• Customer's last name;

• from which number in which is translated;

• cost of the old and new numbers;

• your title and surname;

and then sends information about the services.

The guest should ask whether he needs help from the luggage carrier, the maid, to move from the old number to the newly provided one.

Some of the problems can be fixed in working order, very quickly, without creating inconvenience to customers, and there is no need to translate into another number. Also, one should not hurry with the immediate transfer to another room, when the guests are too "fussy", find fault with the little things, complain not in essence, and sometimes even abuse their guest status (client, consumer). The personnel should not forget that it is necessary to conduct business in a businesslike, economical way. Of course, you need to make every effort to satisfy the client, but you should also choose the words and persuade him to stay in this room before the expiration date of the given day of residence, and from the next day (if necessary) translated into another number. The hotel staff should be well aware that the transfer from one room to another is associated with the possible additional costs (replacement of bedding, cosmetics and personal care items), as well as with inconvenience to the staff (checking the mini-bar, additional work of the luggage carrier or maid) . Criterion of "lack" & quot; services are sometimes very difficult to determine, so in each case, an individual approach is required.

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