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Circumstances that preclude the crime of the act, Necessary defense (in the edition of the Federal Law of March 14, 2002 No. 29-FZ) - Commentary to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
INFORMATION SYSTEMS, AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Role and place of ACS in the economy - Information technologies in economics and management
Project Procurement Management - Project Management
CONCEPT OF PHASE EQUILIBRIUM - Physical and colloid chemistry
EDITOR OF ELECTRONIC TABLES EXCEL, MS Excel: basic information, Purpose of the Excel table processor - Informatics for the Humanities
Formation of the ability for non-violent interaction in primary school children, TNIkryannikova“s program - Pedagogy and psychology of nonviolence in education
Profit Centers - Pyramid Management Method, Financial Capture, Situation - Financial Solutions in Business Management
Modern state of information technologies and their role in management, Basic features of modern information technologies - Information technologies in management (management)
Balance of transfers, Balance of movement of gold and foreign exchange reserves - International economy
KINDS OF MINERAL RESOURCES AND MINERAL RESOURCES, Classification of minerals - Geology. Deposits of ores of rare and radioactive elements
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF INTERESTED PARTIES OF THE COMPANY, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESSMEN, Motivation of socially responsible behavior of businessmen - Corporate social responsibility
Qualitative Research Methods, Reasons for Using and Classifying Qualitative Research Methods, Focus Groups, General Characteristics - Marketing Research
Person, Individual, Personality - Sociology
Amortization as a tax shield, Changes in operating capital, Budget format, Settlement - spreadsheets - Financial decisions in business management
American Stock Exchange (KASE), International Stock Exchanges - International Economic Relations
Content of the absentee decision, Appeal against the absent decision - Civil Procedure Law
Mushrooms-biotrophs, Mushrooms-hemibiotrophs - General phytopathology
Official and business style - Russian language and culture of speech
Goods transported under temperature control - Management of transport systems. Logistics logistics
Embedded interfaces - Object-oriented programming

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