SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF INTERESTED PARTIES OF THE COMPANY, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF BUSINESSMEN, Motivation of socially responsible behavior of businessmen - Corporate social responsibility



The misfortune of modern man is great: he lacks the main - meaning of life .

And. Ilyin

Developed competencies:


• values, interests, social roles of businessmen, ethical principles of their business behavior;

• subjects of social responsibility of businessmen and ways of motivation to bear its burden;

• Ethical basis of respect and censure of property rights of businessmen;

be able to

• Recognize, formulate and solve ethical business dilemmas, taking into account the hierarchy of values ​​of businessmen;

• analyze and put socially significant problems that may be of interest to businessmen;

• distribute the burden of social responsibility of business among interested groups of the company and allocate a share of such responsibility of the businessman;

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• sensitivity to ethical values ​​and the criteria of a healthy lifestyle in assessing processes and phenomena in the business world;

• Methods of ethical regulation of business choice of a businessman;

• Methods of developing a business philosophy.

Motivation of socially responsible behavior of businessmen

The fed hungry does not understand Until then , until he wants to understand it .

As a business related to the implementation of transactions in the market for the exchange of goods for the purpose of making profit, business constantly solves the problem of the best use of capital and resources. This task is the main subject of business activity, which is motivated by the dream to found a "private empire", the will to win, the joy of creativity. At the same time, the economic subject of the market is viewed from the social responsibility point of view as an active subject of the society, which carries out a continuous process of constructive, mutually beneficial and steadily developing interaction of all stakeholders: owners, investors, employees, customers, business partners, infrastructure actors, competitors, public organizations and authorities.

Among the stakeholders, businessmen form the most influential group of business people who invest their own capital in business. These are the owners, co-owners, shareholders, investors and borrowers of capital. Unlike other interested groups of the business world, for example managers, businessmen have ownership rights to capital, choice of place of its application, distribution and use of profit, to receive dividends, exit from business. They are legally responsible for the results of transactions by their capital or their own property. Aspects of the social responsibility of the businessman is an ethical justification:

• his choice of the direction of investment, which involves, along with the calculation of economic benefits, the measurement of social effects;

• The consequences of this choice for the formation of a socially oriented sectoral structure of the economy and the quality of life of society;

• His way of life.

Socially responsible behavior of a businessman is regulated by legal and ethical norms. The task of law is to make it possible, and morality to be the limiter of the external sphere of entanglement that keeps it from self-destructive extremes. " "The mechanism of ethical regulation of behavior is built into every counting ability ... Morality catches the action at the very moment when the last weigh-in of all its pros and cons is on." However, businessmen often have situations of an ethical dilemma, when none of the solutions is immaculate from a moral point of view. In this case, the ethics of the decision depends on the composition and form of expression of the businessman's values ​​system, as well as on his personal qualities and behavior.

Personal value is the ultimate orientation of interests and preferences of a person. It is this that serves as the starting substance for motivating the social activity of a businessman. Values ​​serve as a link between the culture of society and the spiritual world of the individual. As a part of the values ​​of businessmen realized within the framework of their social responsibility (social values), they can be: love for neighbors, prosperity of the motherland, peacemaking, prosperity, justice, beauty, culture, politics, security, innovation, fame, reputation, etc. hierarchy of values ​​are specific and most dependent on the status of a businessman in the business world, which differs from the beginning entrepreneur to the oligarch (Figure 20.1), as well as from the influence of other factors.

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So, the system of social values ​​is formed by one's own ego, self-reliance, a sense of independence, individual needs, family, the traditions of the business world, religion, society, the processes of globalization, etc. Factors can promote the social responsibility of a businessman or restrain his impulse.

Factors contributing to the increase of social responsibility of businessmen include spiritual maturity, the need for self-actualization and good deeds, the desire to improve the reputation and achieve loyalty of others, a hobby that brings additional status (for example, the collection of domestic works of art) and lobbying for one's interests , the desire for additional profitability of business, state protectionism, public pressure, etc.

Constraining factors are: corruption, ethnocentrism, racketeering, raiding, terrorism, negative attitudes toward those who need help; hostile attitude towards the rich, etc.

Example of a matrix of social values ​​of businessmen depending on their status in the business world

Fig. 20.1. Example of a matrix of social values ​​of businessmen depending on their status in the business world

Work independently

Studying the materials of scientific publications, identify the most important social value of Russian businessmen, as well as the factor influencing its acquisition. Wait for the matrix of the social roles of the businessman, distributed depending on the increasing importance of this value with increasing influence of the factor forming it (Figure 20.2).

The structure of the social role matrix of a businessman

Fig. 20.2. The structure of the social role matrix of a businessman

Without a doubt, social values ​​affect the relationships between businessmen and society. But, in order to get a full assessment of the ethical aspect of some activity, one only needs to look at its own intrinsic value, but also on its instrumental role and its consequences in other ways. " The relationship between business and society, developed within the social responsibility of businessmen, is in practice realized through the social role that society offers based on its needs, and the businessman voluntarily accepts it (Figure 20.3).

By social role is understood the way of behavior that corresponds to the social norms accepted in the community of people, expressed in role expectations of the environment. Socially responsible businessmen are represented in the roles of philanthropist, patron, sponsor, trustee, volunteer, organizer, benefactor, idol, patriot, public figure. On the contrary, socially irresponsible businessmen are assigned the roles of corrupt, ruler, exploiter, usurper, manipulator, master, adventurer, rentier, player, grandee, etc.

The social role determines the manner of behavior of the businessman. According to the theory of social roles, the role falls into role behavior, ie. those specific actions that are performed, and role expectations - what the surrounding people expect from the medium.

The relationship between the role behavior of businessmen and the role expectations of society is manifested in the following. In a competitive contest for consumers, businessmen choose those social roles that are more suited to the values ​​and needs of society. The chosen social role motivates the businessman on the manner of behavior appropriate to her. Playing these or those social roles, businessmen influence the formation of the meaning of life, prompting society to implement it. Evaluation of the consequences of role-playing games of businessmen and adjustment of their non-legitimate social roles are carried out with the help of the system of social control. The main result of such control is ethnic justification or censure of social behavior of businessmen and their business. To substantiate ethical decisions, a scale of effects is recommended (see Figure 20.3).

Structure of motivation system for socially responsible behavior of businessmen

Fig. 20.3. Structure of motivation system of socially responsible behavior of businessmen

However, in practice, there is not always a coincidence between role expectations and behavior, and therefore the society creates a system of social control, an important part of which is a set of sanctions - punishments for deviation from role expectations.

Playing this or that social role, the businessman is formed as a person. Along with his professional and business qualities (free manifestation of initiative, readiness for risk, ability to work with people, etc.) he also finds spiritual ones (gratitude, generosity, generosity, kindness, truthfulness, tolerance, modesty, etc.), i.e. matures both professionally and spiritually. A law-abiding, respectable businessman makes decisions, taking into account, to an equal degree, both personal values, and the values ​​of the company and society. Experience shows that neglect of social values ​​disrupts the normal functioning of the economy and worsens the quality of life of all people.

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