Basic strategies for moving from online to offline and vice versa - Business activities

Basic strategies for moving from online to offline and vice versa


Corporate projects (for an existing offline business)

Internet projects (for newly created online business)


This stage for offline business just does not exist, because a priori business already exists

Creating an online business


Transform part of the offline business into online. Creating a mixed-type business model

Transformation of pure online business into a mixed-type business model

Spin-off. Creating a subsidiary structure that deals with the Internet business

Participation in a single strategy of one of the Internet holdings

Acquire and join one or more existing corporate-type Internet projects to your offline business

Acquiring and joining one or more of the traditional offline businesses to your online business


Developing partnerships with the most famous Internet projects of the appropriate profile

Development of partnership relations with many corporate projects of offline business of the appropriate profile

The features of the second group of Internet projects are, first, in their uncoordinated nature (the project is not based on an existing offline business, but something entirely new is generated); secondly, in the fact that they exist only on the Internet.

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Consider the general strategy for the development of corporate projects, which is shown in Fig. 8.14.

It is known that among Internet users there are such (1 in Figure 8.14) that use the Network to find information, quickly get news, answer a question, etc. They are also ordinary (offline) consumers of services, as well as buyers of goods from different manufacturers. In other words, potentially any Internet user is also an Internet consumer, but the Internet creates special conditions for the act of consumption of goods and services.

There is also some offline business (2 in Figure 8.14), which develops in a traditional way and without the Web (offline). At the stage of innovative development, the organizations of its managers are beginning to be interested in the Internet opportunities associated with the positioning of the goods. It is decided to master the Internet market as a new system of marketing communications for an existing business.

If a company already has its own offline business, then with the help of corporate Internet systems it creates new ones

Strategy for creating corporate projects

Fig. 8.14. Strategy for creating corporate projects

Channels for interacting with the external environment. This can be either a sales or supply system (e-commerce) or a system that translates internal and external management procedures into new, more efficient forms of e-business. Note that for each business it is necessary to develop its own strategy of transition from the offline past to the online future. That is why the stage of developing a transition strategy is the first and in a certain sense the main stage in the creation of corporate Internet business projects.

In addition to developing their own offline business (or, in other words, filling the project with business), Internet projects begin to approach offline companies, offering them their affiliate programs. Partnership programs are being developed with a wide range of offline organizations, for which the content of an Internet project (content) is interesting from the point of view of attracting consumers of their goods and services.

It is also possible to create various types of strategic alliances, which primarily pursue marketing and PR goals. As an example of this kind of partnership programs, you can bring together the shopping arcade with online stores. The benefit for the trading series is obvious: the more online stores in it, the more attractive it is for visitors (buyers) and thus becomes an increasingly interesting advertising platform. The advantage of an online store is that it places its products (catalog) in a very "bittersweet place", visited by many potential buyers. In this case, instead of costly advertising campaigns aimed at the final buyer, it can be limited to lower costs of participation in partner programs of the trading series. It should not be forgotten that an online store can be represented simultaneously in several trading rows, which enables it to flexibly promote its products and services.

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Creating a business in this case means implementing a specific business scheme with the help of a professional management team. At the same time, managers must be professionals in exactly the area that the Internet project is going to master, ie. merchants for an online store, supplyers for shopping sites, editors and journalists for news projects.


1. When creating a retail network, you should correctly combine the various forms of trade, defining each its place according to its specificity. All goods will eventually be sold through retail (or online stores with delivery to the customer), it is the basis of trade. The retail network should be viewed as a single channel of commodity circulation with all its attributes: a certain type of product, its advertising support and channel members that promote one hundred to the end-user market.

2. One of the main differences between domestic and Western network structures is that the latter, possessing huge financial resources, can conduct aggressive marketing policies. The opening of stores in other countries is the main direction of development of Western trade networks, and penetration into the market is carried out both by purchasing existing stores, and by building their own. In this regard, the leading Moscow joint trade networks actively continue regional expansion.

3. In an effort to further reduce the cost of the purchased goods, retailers offer new options for cooperation, in particular the production of custom-made products under the brands themselves. These are new forms of communication with consumers - own trademarks.

4. At the heart of network marketing is the franchise system, which has almost two hundred years of history. Its appearance is attributed to the beginning of the XIX century. Initially, franchising was carried out on the so-called "connected houses" system used by British brewers. By the system of franchising for many years, the companies Singer ( 1860), Coca-Cola (1886), General Motors (1911), Spar (1932). In modern conditions, the franchise agreement is an independent object of legal regulation in more than 80 countries.

5. Organizations use the method of sales promotion to call for a strong and rapid response from buyers. Stimulation of sales is addressed to the target audience and aims to ensure the sale of goods, create a flow of consumers directly in the place where it is carried out. This is the difference between incentives and direct marketing techniques, which are addressed directly to each potential buyer in order to induce him to order goods outside the place of trade.

6. The Russian Internet audience is not only Russians. Russian sites attract the constant attention of hundreds of thousands of users from other countries. First of all, this is the Russian-speaking population of the CIS and Baltic countries, as well as emigrants living in foreign countries: the USA, Israel, Germany, etc.

In the current market conditions, the development of Internet commerce will allow the enterprise to gain access to another efficient sales channel. Business on the Internet works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The electronic business helps thereby create additional consumer value.

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