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Classes - Sociology
Pricing in world markets, Peculiarities of pricing in the world market - World economy and international economic relations
Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - Corporate Financial Management
Personality and organization - Business psychology
Methods of development of the imagination, Magic pencil, Thermometer, Antivremya, Wonders of technology - Handbook of practical psychologist
Commutation functions: principles of construction and use in actuarial calculations - Actuarial calculations
Internal and External Equilibrium in the IS-LM-BP Model, Equilibrium in the Commodity Market: IS Curve - International Economics
Analysis of costs per one ruble of products - Comprehensive analysis of economic activity
Pressure welding, Friction welding, Ultrasonic welding - Technological processes in mechanical engineering
Summary, Criteria for a good summary - Politics
Organizational design Development and structure of the organizational project, Approval of organizational projects - Research of management systems
PRICING POLICY OF THE FIRM IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING, General Provisions, Entering a New Market, Entering the Market for a New Product, Defending Position - International Marketing
METHODS OF TREATMENT OF SURFACE SURFACES WITHOUT REMOVING THE FIBER. FINISHING, Finishing with abrasive tools - Technological processes in mechanical engineering
Characteristics of the basic rights of non-owners - Civil law
FUNCTIONAL STYLES, Choice of means depending on the conditions of communication - Stylistics and literary editing
External direction of work of socially responsible companies, Internal direction of work of socially responsible companies - Legal basis of nature management and environmental protection
Management projects, Multi-projects, Conclusions - Project Management
Concept and signs of an administrative offense, Administrative unlawfulness, Administrative punishability, Guilt - Administrative activity of the ATS
Autonomous current inverters - Electric drive
The main ethical problems of medical errors - Bioethics

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