Example of SaaS-service (Audit Expert Web), Practical assignments - Information technologies in management (management)

Example of the SaaS-service (Audit Expert Web)

Cloud storage has already been recognized in the community - they are used daily by tens of millions of people, but other models of providing cloud services are only at the beginning of the journey. It is of interest to consider the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for a specific example.

All experts in the field of analysis of the financial situation of the enterprise know the package of programs Expert Expert domestic development (expert-systems.com). Audit Expert is an analytical system for assessing the financial condition of one or a group of enterprises on the basis of financial reporting data used in financial and economic services of companies, banks and audit firms, bodies that control the financial condition of subordinate organizations, and also in the educational process of the country's economic universities.

For more than a decade Audit Expert was released as a Windows application in Standard and Professional versions in single-user and network configurations and was licensed according to the classical scheme typical for all software packages.

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In Table. 18.2 shows the prices for the software product Audit Expert as of the end of January 2013, taken from the developer's site. They are necessary for us, because to understand the SaaS model we need its cost comparison with the classical licensing scheme.

Table 18.2

Cost of Licenses Audit Expert


Number of jobs






Audit Expert 4 Standard


92 000

124 700



Audit Expert 4 Professional

80 300




262 100

Audit Expert Web - the latest online product development for analyzing the financial condition of an enterprise. Audit Expert Web service can be attributed to cloud services provided by the SaaS service model, i.e. in the full sense of the word, to cloud computing. Organizations or individuals do not need to purchase a license for software, install it on their equipment, and set up and maintain them. It is enough only to pay the cost of the required number of individual connection licenses and work wherever there is Internet access at any convenient time and on any territory.

Table 18.3 contains the tariffs for connection to the Web service, taken from the developer's site.

Comparing the cost of licenses and the connection rates to the Web version, we can conclude that with a large number of stationary workplaces functioning in the corporate network, the network version of Audit Expert is more advantageous than the Wcb-version, but with a small number of licenses, Audit Expert Web. But this is only taking into account direct and not even discounted costs. And how to measure the indirect effect that the cloud version gives, from its

Table 18.3

Tariffs for individual licenses Audit Expert Web


30 days

365 days

Audit Expert Web Free



Audit Expert Web Standard


10 000

bility and availability at any time? How to evaluate the load on administration of packages during installation and maintenance? In addition, you need to take into account that licensing of classic software packages assumes a one-time cost, and the cloud service entails only current costs.

Finally, there are a lot of cases when the demand for a product is periodic or episodic, for example, in freelancing, studying, consulting. It is much more convenient to rent a service for a while than to pay a round sum for a license or independently develop spreadsheets. Payment for services is accepted through the bank on the basis of receipts and using payment systems Webmoney, Yandex.Money, etc., payment terminals QIWI, Eleksnet, etc., as well as SMS payments.

To get acquainted with the service, you can use the version Free , which has a number of limitations: two-week period of work, only coefficient analysis (20 financial coefficients), only one type of expert opinion, and the lack of the ability to export projects in PDF, DOC, XLS.

To work with the product you need to register. To do this, click the link cp.finanstock.com/ and click the Registration link, and then fill out the registration form. Registration takes place in two stages: the first one receives a letter with the activation key, on the second one - a letter with login, license code and links to the Audit Expert Web and Business Plan Expert services. It is noticed that emails on Yandex come much faster than on Gmail.

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To get started, go to https: // aew.finanstock.com, then enter your login and password in the appropriate fields and click the Sign in. button. To increase the information security, the working window closes every twenty minutes of inactivity and the user must log in again. So do not forget to save your projects more often.

Work begins with the creation of the project. Use the Create New Project button from the toolbar or the corresponding hyperlink from the main service window - the project window opens (Figure 18.3).

You must choose the frequency of reporting: year, quarter, month, as well as the standard of Russian Accounting Standards (Russian Accounting Standards). The balance is usually given in thousand -

New Project Window

Fig. 18.3. The new project window

odd rubles. After filling the data in the project window, click the Create button to save it.

To analyze the financial state, two main forms of financial statements are used in the Audit Expert Web: the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. Complete the Source Forms , enter the Balance and Income Statement data. Please note that the forms are protected. It is necessary to press the tool with the lock in advance and then it changes the color from green to green, and a column of yellow color appears in the table - it must be filled in.

After the data has been entered, and the validation of the entered reporting is successfully passed, the project needs to be protected and saved. Now you can proceed to financial analysis.

We do not provide a description of the further actions, since we were faced with the task of showing how, without installing any software on your computer, using a cloud-based service like SaaS, you can quickly and efficiently solve a very complex economic problem.

Practical tasks

1. Check out the site expert-systems.com.

2. Find the Audit Expert Web section on the site and learn all the material presented on the page for this service.

3. Sign up.

4. E-mail the license codes for two products.

5. Log in as a registered user.

6. While working, remember the limit of the session (20 minutes)!

7. Learn the service interface.

8. Create a project. Give the project a name based on your last name.

9. Enter the balance asset for 2010. Save the project.

10. Enter the balance asset for 2011. Save the project.

11. Enter the balance sheet for 2010. Save the project.

12. Enter the balance sheet for 2011. Save the project.

13. Enter the profit and loss statement for 2010. Save the project.

14. Enter the income statement for 2011. Save the project.

15. Analyze the analytical balance.

16. Analyze your financial performance.

17. Review the expert conclusion.

18. Analyze graphs and diagrams.

19. Export to Excel source data, analytical balance, financial indicators.

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