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Procedure for the transfer of property rights under equity securities, Circulation term of securities, Income from securities, Form of securities issue - Securities market. Theory and practice
Integrated plant protection, Principles of integrated plant protection - General phytopathology
Carriers of the human psyche and psychology - Methodological bases and problems of psychology
Machining Route, Machining of Main Holes - Technological Processes in Mechanical Engineering
BIOCHEMISTRY OF MUSCLE, MUSCLE REDUCTION AND RELAXATION, General characteristics of muscles, Structure of muscle cells - Human biochemistry
Approach to the performance of the organization, Approach to assess the results of proper management activities - Management
Practical use of the CAPM model - Investments
The Problem of Illustration - Theory and Practice of Argumentation
З PLANT DISEASES IN POPULATIONS (FOUNDATIONS OF EPIPHYTHETIOLOGY), Methods for estimating the number of diseases, Disease number accounting - General phytopathology
Documentary sources in the research of social relations - Sociology of Journalism
Secular ethical-axiological concepts of helping people - Ethical foundations of social work
Joint-stock companies, Creation and liquidation of a joint stock company - Securities market. Theory and practice
Formation of a risk management strategy in the context of financial convergence - International business
Reaction order, Zero-order reactions, First-order reactions, Second-order reactions, Third-order reactions - Physical and colloid chemistry
What“s Next ?, Types of Exchange Rates, Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates - Monetary Economics. Theory of money and credit
Blogging from the scene, Records in social networks, Realization of direct video from the place of events via smartphones - Psychology of journalism
Desensitizing means of other groups, Symptomatic agents, Herbal remedies for phytoprophylaxis of allergy - Clinical pharmacology T.2
Calculation of keyed connections, Z. Tolerances and planting of keyed connections, Design features of keyed connections - Machine parts. Course design
CONCLUSIONS ON CHAPTER 2 - Investment projects and real options in emerging markets
Contract for the carriage of goods by air, Contract of chartering an aircraft (air charter) - Civil law. The special part

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