Why do you need proofreading services online?

Online proofreading works very fast and gives you a lot of free time that you can spend on more creative tasks than editing your manuscripts. This is how the delegation works. When you cannot do everything that you need on your to-do list, you have to delegate some of your tasks to other people. For example, you need to write two essays, finish your research and proofread the term paper and you have limited time (for example, a week). If you can perform only some of the assignments before the deadline, you need to figure out how to deal with the rest of them. In this situation, it will be a good idea to use some of the proofreading services to finalize the term paper.

What are the advantages of the proofreading firms?

Proofreading is a hard process for someone who wrote the paper and much less difficult for a person from the outside. If you are a student, and you need to proofread your dissertation, for example, it is quite difficult to identify mistakes, weaknesses and everything else that needs to be edited. The reason is simple – when you write something from the scratch, you are totally going deep under its structure and constructions and see only the meaning. Thereby, you probably see the paper more how it should be, than how it really looks like. In this situation, the person who will look with a fresh eye is really useful. Anyway, here are the main advantages that the proofreading firms give:
  • It helps to avoid stresses during the tough schedule and the limited time
  • Gives an option to look on the paper from the other side
  • Helps to get the higher result of the final draft.

How to find a good editing service?

As you can see, this is simple and works in a good way, when you need it. However, it is not so simple to find the reputable proofreading firm. While the work of the service is not in writing the paper from the scratch, just in editing it, it is still highly important. A lot will depend on the editing service. Thereby, if it is not qualitative enough, it can ruin the effect that you got by writing the first draft. There are five main rules of searching for a reputable manuscript editing service:
  • Use all sources of information to find it – ask your college friends, search in Google, visit student forums and etcetera
  • Pay attention to the prices and find the best price offer
  • Decide on which qualification you need and pay attention to the qualification of the writing team
  • Carefully learn the feedback from the company, because this talks about its reputation
  • Pay attention to the number of free revisions – you need at least one.

How to improve your working effectiveness?

When you write an essay or a term paper in college, it requires the highest productivity. The reason of that is simple – you don’t have much time on waiting, because the time is limited in college. Here are the steps that can help you to improve your writing process:
  • Plan your time and fight against procrastination
  • Split big assignments to make easier to plan their performance in the schedule
  • Use different sources of information to collect the needed data
  • Eliminate distractions that kill your time
  • Manage your working time and working space
  • Delegate tasks (using proofreading services, for example).

How the procrastination works

Procrastination is a state where you understand that you have to work, but instead of that doing some not important tasks. You may not like it, but you still continue to check Facebook, read interesting articles, do anything, or just think about how to start writing the assignment. An additional reason for disappointment in this situation is your limited time and burning deadlines.

The thing is that emotions and cognitive activity are controlled by different parts of our brains. The older limbic system is responsible for the work of the pleasure center, while planning, attention and cognitive activity are controlled by the prefrontal cortex. When a person faces the need to solve a complex and, perhaps, unpleasant task, the limbic system beats anxiety and requires positive emotions. If the limbic system wins, the procrastinator postpones the work.

There is an allegory of how the procrastinator’s brain works. In the brain, there is a "steering wheel", which determines what attention is now being directed. An ordinary person behind the "steering wheel" is a rationally thinking adult: he knows how to deal with incoming tasks and knows how to think about the results of his work in the future. In the procrastinator's brain, too, there is such an adult, but he is always distracted by a small monkey that requires entertainment and immediate pleasures. This continues until a panic monster (the deadline) arrives and stops the monkey. Only then the procrastinator stops postponing assignments and gets down to business.

Plan your time and different activities

Making a to-do list is really important! However, you should not set the grandiose goals here. On the contrary, you need to break up the case into small and simple items, so it will be easier to deal with them. Let's say you need to write a great working letter. The first task may be something like "write a letter and an introduction". There is nothing more pleasant than to celebrate the tasks that have been accomplished, even if they are quite simple. It is always pleasant to delete a task from the to-do list.

And this feeling inspires you to proceed to the next item on the list. For small tasks it is convenient to set strict deadlines - to observe them simply and pleasantly. It is also useful to include in the list not only work, but also other things that will allow you to relax a little: call home, make an appointment with a doctor, go to lunch, do 10 sit-ups or sleep 15 minutes on the couch. If because of the limited time you cannot provide the paper before the delaine, you should use some of the proofreading services.

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