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Basic information on methods of control and testing, Methods for measuring electrical parameters - Fundamentals of the theory of reliability
Algorithm for carrying out functional ecological design of technical systems - Economics of nature management
Toolkits for structural transformations, selection and modification of objects, Selection of fragments and whole images, Tools for framing and rotating images - Informatics for the humanities
Varicaps, LEDs, Photodiodes, Optocouplers - Electronics
Dynamic valuation techniques, Net present value (NPV) - Economic valuation of investments
Congenital immunity - the sixth line of defense, R-proteins - the last line of defense - General phytopathology
Distribution, composition and properties of gas hydrates - Ground science
Socialization of the child in the period of primary school age, Relations with peers in the period of primary school age - Pedagogical psychology
The Doctrine of Human Capital - Labor Sociology
Information legislation - Legal informatics
Analysis of direct material costs - Comprehensive analysis of economic activities
Decision-making under uncertainty - Microeconomics
Professional vocabulary in the business dictionary - Speech culture and business communication
Financial and non-financial performance of companies to rank them for investment attractiveness - Investments
Electronic transport support systems, Economic characteristics and tariffs - Management of transport systems. Logistics logistics
Positional defense, Flank protection - International marketing
Franchise and its types - Actuarial calculations
Types and classification of investments - Economic evaluation of investments
Measures and units of quantity and volume of information - Information technology in economics and management
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES - Building Material Science. T 1

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