Place of personnel management in the enterprise management system, Objectives of the organization, Objectives of the organization - Personnel management

Location of personnel management in the enterprise management system

The organization is a complete open system, consisting of numerous interdependent parts, closely intertwined with the outside world. Consider the most significant internal variables of the organization and the concept of the interdependence of these variables. Internal variables are understood as situational factors within the organization, which are mainly the result of managerial decisions (Figure 2.1).

Core internal organization variables that require management attention

Fig. 2.1. Core internal organizational variables that require management attention

Organization Objectives

According to the definition, an organization is a group of people with conscious common goals. Goals are understood to mean specific final states or desirable results that people seek to achieve when working together. Thus, an organization can be seen as a means of achieving goals, allowing people collectively achieve what they could not individually accomplish.

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As a result of planning, management develops goals and coordinates them to the members of the organization, giving them an opportunity to understand what they should strive for.

The organization can have a variety of goals. In business organizations, profitability, productivity, and profit are recognized as important goals. To obtain, for example, profits, in turn, goals should be formulated in such areas as market share expansion, development of new products, improving the quality of services, etc. Goals of non-profit organizations are more connected with issues of social responsibility. In any case, the organization's orientation, determined by its goals, permeates all subsequent decisions of the leadership.

The development of goals is necessary for the whole organization, and for its individual units. Due to differences in the objectives of the units, management should make efforts to coordinate them. The main directing vectors are the general goals of the organization. The objectives of the units should make a specific contribution to the objectives of the whole organization, and not to conflict with the objectives of other units.

Organization Tasks

The goals of the organization assume the fulfillment of a number of tasks. Formulation of tasks is the direction of division of labor in the organization. tasks are jobs that must be performed in full in a predetermined time. From a technical point of view, tasks are prescribed not to the employee, but to his job. Based on the decision of the management on the structure, each post provides for the fulfillment of a number of tasks considered as the work necessary to achieve the organization's goals.

The organization's tasks are traditionally divided into three categories: working with people, objects (raw materials, tools, machinery, equipment) and information.

The most significant moments in the work of the organization are: the frequency of repetition of this task and the time necessary for its implementation. At the same time, managerial work is less monotonous, repetitive in nature, and the execution time of each type of work increases as the management work shifts from the lowest level to the higher level.

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