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The standard, or the norm, becomes a form

Yes, there really is a standard for compiling business letters. It's good that these standards are only recommended. The rules of writing and compiling in the processing of texts form the basis of professional correspondence in the field of economics and management. Secretaries and office managers are purposefully trained in training these standards, and this has its advantages. Thus, your enterprise will not be exposed to the danger of running innumerable forms of "self-publishing" letters.

How to write an invitation

Doing an invitation does not mean simply sending an invitation card. There are various forms of invitations depending on the reason and status of the guests you invite. Any invitation should contain the following information:

- the date;

- time;

- Place;

- an excuse.

You should send an invitation to a great celebration at least one month before the event. An invitation for a small meeting of a personal nature can be sent in less than a short time.

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First of all, you need to choose a form: written or oral. Choose the form of the invitation, depending on the reason and from whom you invite.

Written invitation made with taste

An invitation letter to the official celebration is required. Here, it can be either a letter or a postcard. But they should be enclosed in the envelope.

The hand-written invitation is considered the most polite form, although it requires considerable expenses. Do this work if you have a good, beautiful, legible handwriting. Spelling errors should be avoided, since corrections are not allowed.

You can write an invitation on the computer, but make sure that you do not get lost in the prints, fonts and symbols of your program. An important invitation (for the opening of a store or a wedding) is best booked at the printing house or by the graphic artist. You must put your signature on the invitation. Use the pen instead, and not with a pencil or felt-tip pen.

Make an invitation in a solemn and at the same time simple style, so that the guest can quickly get all the necessary information. In addition to the information mentioned above, you must indicate the intended clothing form.

If a written invitation is required for an invitation to an official celebration, in the case of celebrating, for example, a birthday in the office, it can give this event special significance.

The distribution of invitations for e-mail has become widespread, especially at enterprises of the information technology sphere. But it gives the impression of an informal invitation. Depending on the circle of invitees, you should consider whether this type of invitation is appropriate for this case. And do not forget to include important information and ask for a response.

If you make an invitation orally, you can call the invitee by phone. If you can not get through, use an answering machine, e-mail or voice mail. But in any case, you need to call the invitee again.

An oral invitation is possible if the invitees already know where the event will be held.

The request to send a response does not look very nice, but it can always be found on any written invitation: "Please reply". Often, the inviters name the time to which you must report your consent or refusal. In any case, you can not meet this deadline. It is better to respond immediately, even if the deadline is not specified. The written invitation should be answered in writing. But not in the form of a short message on the mobile phone. Thank for the invitation and let us know that you and the person accompanying you (if you come not alone) are very happy about this visit. When you receive an invitation verbally, please report it no later than the next day, if you accept it.

On the business card, besides the last name, you need information to contact you by phone or find you at:

- for new customers of the organization;

- for business partners with whom you meet at the annual exhibition;

- for interesting people in whose memory you want to stay.

To provide an opportunity to contact you, let us know where you can be found. This will help card. In addition, the card has always been a testament to the reputation: at the present time, a card with the company logo on which the name, organization name, address and phone numbers are indicated can serve as a special kind of advertising. If you do not have the opportunity to order a card for your organization, you must follow these rules:

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- a surname with titles should be written in the center;

- the bottom right - the postal address (first of all the service address);

- on the left - phone numbers, the address e-mail and the address of your site.

As a rule, the size of the card corresponds to the size of the check card, so it can be worn both in the wallet and in the purse.

The right moment for handing the card is a social conversation with an aperitif at the beginning of the celebration. It is not necessary to do this at the very beginning of the conversation, but you should not wait until it ends. When eating, do not exchange business cards. Do this when lunch or dinner is over. But do not forget to do it! If you are conducting a conversation in a small group of up to five people, you must give your cards to all the participants in the conversation (even if they are your colleagues).

Do it as though by the way and do not rush your interlocutors so that they can quietly read what's written on your card.

If you received a card from the other person, give him your card.

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