How to find the research paper writing service?

There are three main sources of information that will help you to make a choice about the paper writing service. It is better to use two of them at the same time to make it more effective. If you are going to find an effective writing service, you can use such sources of information:
  • Your friends from college
  • Paper writing forums
  • Articles with the Top lists of writing services.

The most reliable source of information – is someone who you know personally. Thereby, if some of your friends in college can help you to select the writing service – it is very useful. Moreover, you have the similar or even the same requirements with your colleagues, so their best writing service can become your best writing website. However, usually, students don't share such information and prefer to keep their cooperation with professional writers in secret.

Paper writing forums sometimes is a perfect place to find some useful information about writing services. Such forums include the real experience of many students and give options for different budget. The big danger here – the fake comments and reviews. Unfortunately, many essay writing companies decide to buy fake reviews to get more traffic for their websites. Articles with the list of Top writing services can be also very useful. Unfortunately, the same as with the writing forums, there is the big possibility of fake reviews here too. Thereby, there is only one way to avoid fake information – to use many sources and mix them.

Why it can be a good idea to use research paper writing service

Reputable professional writing services offer something that can be useful to many students in different situations. There two main reasons of why students use outside writing help:
  • The tough schedule in college, that leaves not so much time on writing
  • The part-time job that eats some of the time.

Modern students have to deal with the really tough schedule and study under a big pressure. Sometimes professional writing help is the only effective option to deal with everything and get the desired result. Anyway, if you decide to write your research paper yourself, you should learn more about it.

What you should know about research papers

There two basic types of writing:
  • Abstract writing
  • Research writing.

The abstract writing is a study on a narrow topic, with the involvement of several published scientific papers. The abstract writing implies the analysis of different points of view on the research topic contained in these scientific papers and, as a final result, the development of one's own point of view on the problem.

Research writing is a research on a narrow topic, involving not only scientific literature but also documentary sources, both published and not published. Research work involves the introduction into circulation of any new documents, facts, theories, proven facts, etc. Both types of writing are valuable, but research work undoubtedly has more weight.

How to choose a topic for the research?

It is very important to select the topic with which you are totally familiar. Choosing the topic of research, it is necessary to proceed from its relevance, at the same time taking into account the availability of sources and literature. The wording of the topic should be specific. It is recommended to avoid those topics that cover a wide information material from within one work it is unlikely that it will be possible to sufficiently cover all available material. The topic should reflect the content of the work and be logically related to the purpose of the study.

Structure of the research work

Research papers usually consist of such parts:
  • Content plan
  • Introduction
  • The main text (divided into parts, chapters, paragraphs at the author's request)
  • Conclusions
  • List of sources
  • List of literature
  • Applications

In the introduction, the author justifies the chosen topic, briefly explains what is his scientific interest. The introduction should formulate the purpose and objectives of the study. This part of the paper should substantiate the relevance of the topic chosen by the author. At the same time, it should determine the chronological scope of the study and provide a brief overview of existing sources and literature on this issue. You should remember, that it is important to show on the basis of which sources the research paper is written. The logic of the introduction is that we hold the reader and tell him what awaits him further in the paper.

The main text of the research paper should correspond to the topic stated by the author. It is not connected to the chronological framework showed in the introduction. We should not give the well-known facts in the study, the readers are not interested in them already. The abundance of known facts can obscure the new thing that you managed to discover during the research. Only new interesting facts readers want to learn, that is what it is necessary to focus attention on.

Professional writers at research paper writing service always write scientific language - strictly and neutrally, without unnecessary emotions and ornaments. You should do the same in your paper. In the research paper, the scientific text is constructed as a chain of reasoning, designed to prove this or that position of work. The text should be built logically. Here are some of the things that you should do:
  • The text of the research work should not be frank plagiarism
  • The material presented in the work must be reliable
  • Avoid long, intricate phrases
  • Never write your work in solid text. Divide it into paragraphs and chapters.

Conclusions should start from the purpose and objectives of the study, which you defined in the introduction. You have to determine whether it was possible or not to achieve the goal. It is very important to correctly show the sources and literature that you have used in your research. Such things can build or destroy the whole image of your paper. Lists should contain all the sources and books that you used when researching, in alphabetical order, indicating the output data. If you need this, you can use applications. Applications should be carefully selected and illustrate only the most vivid moments of work.

The conclusion in large academic works (for example, dissertations), as a rule, is a reflection of the introduction. In other words, it can be a paraphrased summary of your basic scientific research. For the research paper, this is not always the case. The conclusion can in 2-3 phrases summarize the content, and at the same time show, in other words, its argument/thesis. After all, it should answer the main question of the whole work: "So what?"

Analyzing the literature, you can show the following information:
  • The author, a brief reference to him
  • The problem that the author poses in his research
  • Sources on the basis of which the research is written
  • Basic ideas, concepts put forward by the author
  • Conclusions of the author
  • Your opinion about the research.

Stages of writing a research paper

Basically, the whole process of writing the research paper can be shown in seven stages:
  • Identification of the topic and researching the background
  • Learn how much the topic is provided by sources and literature, and what aspects of this topic have not yet been studied by the other authors
  • Formulate the goal and objectives of the research
  • Make a work plan for the research paper
  • Work with literature and sources
  • Writing the draft
  • Finalization of the structure of work
  • Formulation of the topic of the paper, based on the specific research
  • Writing the final draft of the research paper.

The research paper is a text in which the author of the research shows that he was engaged in a certain topic (or the part of it). The student shows that he studied the material and came to some conclusions that may have theoretical (or the other) significance. The volume of work does not have a fixed number of words: it can be 2500 words (5 pages A4, 12 Times New Roman), or maybe 5000 words (10 pages), and sometimes 7500 words (15 pages). The list of sources does not have upper limits, but the lower limit, as a rule, is 5 sources (at least three of them should be scientific). For the other types of academic essays (reaction paper, response paper, position paper) or for writing essays in the TOEFL exam, there may be other requirements for academic writing. If you will use the research paper writing service, you will be sure that the paper is written accordingly to all the requirements.

Paragraph logic

Let's say you decided to write the first section of the main part of your research paper. One thing to remember is that every paragraph should have only one thought, which confirms the main idea of this section. Paragraphs should be connected with each other ideologically. Each paragraph is also built according to its small structure (which copies the overall structure of the work): the first sentence is the key one and tells what the author is trying to say in this paragraph. In an ideal academic text, the reader should be able to read only the first sentence of each paragraph to understand what is said in this section and, accordingly, what all research work is written about. The first sentence of the paragraph is the essence of the whole paragraph, everything else is support for this idea and analysis (the most difficult part). If you will ask a reputable research paper writing service, the paragraph logic will be perfect.

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