- Commentary on the Constitution of the Russian Federation

1. Local self-government is carried out in urban, rural settlements and other territories, taking into account historical and other local traditions. The structure of local government is determined by the population independently.

2. The change in the boundaries of the territories in which local self-government is exercised is allowed taking into account the opinion of the population of the respective territories.

1. The article under review defines the territorial basis of local self-government. Local self-government is carried out throughout the Russian Federation in urban, rural settlements, municipal districts, urban districts and on the inner-city territories of cities of federal significance. Most often local self-government areas are individual settlements that acquire the characteristics of municipalities. Territorial public self-government is carried out on a part of the settlement territory.

Territorial public self-government can be carried out within the following territories of citizens' residence: the entrance of a multi-apartment residential building; apartment building; group of apartment houses; residential microdistrict; a rural settlement that is not a settlement; other territories of residence of citizens.

Independent resolution of local issues by the population includes their right to independently determine the structure of local self-government bodies. In accordance with the Federal Law "On the general principles of the organization of local government in the Russian Federation" the structure of local self-government bodies is made up of the representative body of the municipality, the head of the municipality, the local administration (the executive and administrative body of the municipality), the control body of the municipality, other local government bodies provided for by the charter of the municipality and having their own authority to address local issues./p>

2. Establishing and changing the boundaries of the territory of the municipality does not apply to issues of local importance, and the population does not finally decide on the boundaries of municipalities. This issue should be regulated by the law of the subject of the United States. But the bodies of state power of the US subjects can not solve the issues of changing the boundaries of the territories in which local self-government takes place, without taking into account the opinion of the population, and in some cases it is necessary to obtain the consent of the population of the municipality.

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