Recommendations for improving business character traits - Psychological counseling

Recommendations for improving business character traits

The development of the relevant character traits in the child from the very childhood is essential for the development of business traits. The fact is that the business character traits, like the strong-willed ones, begin to take shape quite early, and if at a certain age, for example, at the moment of entering the child into school, the primary business traits of character have not yet been formed, the further process of their development will proceed from great difficulties.

Let us explain what in this case is meant by the primary business traits of a person's character. This, above all, accuracy, diligence, discipline, responsibility. On the basis of such character traits, the design of which begins from the time when the child learns speech and begins to show activity in subject games, later secondary character traits of an adult develop, such as initiative, efficiency, hard work, resourcefulness, ability to organize deal or be a good performer.

Therefore, when an adult turns to a psychological counselor about the development of a child's business character traits, it is first of all necessary for an adult to be recommended immediately if the child has already passed a half or two years, to engage in the development of those primary business traits of character, without which full secondary business character traits can not be successfully formed.

However, even if the child in question is much older in age, the recommendations still remain the same. Only in this case at the same time will have to deal with the formation of primary and development in the child of secondary business traits.

Experience has shown that educating business traits in adults, we often fail just because an adult is difficult to develop those traits that were to be formed by him when he was a child.

The business character of a person develops and is fixed in work, in his practical activities and in business communication with people, so the sooner the child starts to engage in serious business, the more likely that the necessary business character traits will be formed and timely reached a sufficiently high level development. On the contrary, too long in this plan, childhood is a very serious obstacle to the development of such traits.

In this regard, it is important to begin earning the child as early as possible in serious cases together with adults, in which the child could develop the necessary business qualities, as well as the business traits corresponding to them.

However, do not forget that for the comprehensive psychological development of children, their active participation is necessary not only in labor but also in other types of activities, including gaming, in teaching and in communication. Therefore, at least until the child reaches adolescence, the time allotted for labor should not take more than a fourth of the child's day in the daily routine.

In the event that to a certain age - one in which they should be already sufficiently developed - the primary business traits of character in children are not formed, they can still be developed, but only if the following conditions are met.

1. A child whose business traits are formed, or an adult who is concerned about the need for their development in the child, should have a strong enough desire to develop such qualities.

2. It is necessary to observe a certain sequence of fairly persistent and long-term actions, almost aimed at developing and consolidating the necessary business characteristics of the character.

3. Constant and weighty (significant) reinforcement of a positive nature, obtained by the child when he shows the necessary business characteristics of his character.

4. The mechanism of no less significant negative sanctions for manifestations of directly opposite, negative character traits, such as irresponsibility, non-compliance, sloppiness, laziness.

If the desired business character traits are not yet worked out for a teenager who is thirteen or fourteen years old, their formation and consolidation in character can take a lot of time and effort.

If the business character traits are absent from a person who is already twenty-five to thirty years old, then the same work will probably take several years, if the solution of the problem is still possible. This is due not so much to the fact that the formation of these character traits at this age is difficult in itself, but rather because it will almost certainly be hampered by other negative features of the character, such as, for example, irresponsibility.


Finally, we must bear in mind the following important circumstance. Different traits of character in the psychology of man as a person usually do not exist separately, independently of each other. They with age are added to some integral, fairly stable system, and it is practically impossible to change one of the character traits in this system without affecting other character traits.

Therefore, before starting to correct certain business characteristics of a person, it is necessary to find out with which other features of a person's character they are functionally interconnected, and to offer the client practical recommendations on working with all the features of his character included in the systemic dependence.

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