Research Proposal Examples

Software implementation of a network database, Creating a network database (JAD), Using a network database (DDB) - Databases
US-EU trade, US-Japan trade relations, US-Canada trade relations, US-China trade relations - World economy
Projects of official documents, symbols and signs, Computer programs - Copyright
Capital structure and company value, Capital structure and ideal financial environment: Modigliani and Miller“s theorem - International financial management
Socio-pedagogical process in pedagogical science - Social pedagogy
Protection against noise, infra- and ultrasound - Occupational safety in construction
Features of the development of newspaper editions of Spain in conditions of convergence, Interaction of print media with Internet, TV and radio platforms - Convergent journalism
Subjects of lease, Form of lease, Term of lease - Commercial law
REGISTRATION AND MONITORING OF DOCUMENTS, Registration of documents, Document index - Documentation of management activities
INFORMATION PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS IN THE LEGAL SPHERE, The concept of legal informatization - Information technologies in legal activity
The main stages of psychological counseling - Psychological counseling
STOCK LAW - Building Material Science. T 1
Charlier Criterion, Chauvenne Criterion, Dixon Criterion - Metrology, Standardization and Certification
THEORY OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE PERSONALITY OF ALFRED ADLER, Introduction to the theory of personality development A. Adler, Inferiority complex - Child psychology
Interfaces & Expansion Boards, Power Supply, Cooling Devices - Informatics for Economists
Functions of business as a social institution - Business psychology
Criteria for evaluating investment projects, Methods for evaluating investment projects - Finance, money circulation and credit
The main types of sign systems of culture, Natural signs, Functional signs - Culturology
EVALUATION OF EFFICIENCY OF INTERNET MARKETING ACTIVITIES, The concept of effectiveness of Internet marketing activities - Internet marketing
Advantages and disadvantages of investment, Risks of investment - Investments

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