REGISTRATION AND MONITORING OF DOCUMENTS, Registration of documents, Document index - Documentation of management activities


Document Registration

To ensure the effective use of information when making various kinds of decisions, making available to the specialists the entire array of information on a particular issue in the shortest possible time, an efficient search engine should be built in the organization. The modern information retrieval system (IPS) should include information on virtually all documents that the organization has at its disposal.

The basis for building search engines is document registration - fixing the fact of creation or receipt of the document by putting on it the date and the registration index, followed by writing the necessary information about the document in the registration form or input format.

The main purpose of registration is to make the document valid, confirm the fact of its creation or receipt, since if the received document is not registered, the organization does not assume responsibility for it, as the fact of its receipt is confirmed.

In accordance with the GDОУ of registration all documents that require execution, accounting and subsequent use for reference purposes are subject to: administrative, personnel, planning, accounting, accounting and statistical, educational, financial, accounting, etc. They are registered as documents used inside or sent to other organizations, and coming from higher, subordinate and third-party organizations or individuals. Based on the registration data, records are recorded, search and control of execution.

Registration is carried out in a decentralized manner according to the groups of documents, depending on the name, author and content of the documents in the places of their creation and execution, for example:

- orders for primary activities are registered in the Dow service;

- orders for personnel in the personnel department

- accounting documentation in accounting;

- the training documentation in the training part;

- Correspondence can be registered by structural divisions and (or) in the service of DOW, etc.

However, decentralization should also be based on a single system of registration indices, unified registration rules, universal access to registration data, of course, subject to all provisions on confidentiality of information.

It is recommended to compile a list of documents that are not subject to registration in the Dow service and immediately transferred to the appropriate services, and documents not registered at all because of their low significance. Often a single list is drawn up and approved by the head of the organization:

List of documents that are not registered in the DOS service.

1. Periodicals (newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, books).

2. Advertising notices, posters, prospectuses.

3. Copies of invoices for payment.

4. Primary accounting documentation (advice note).

5. Congratulatory letters, telegrams and postcards.

6. Invitation cards.

Document Index

The index of the document is made depending on the principle of forming cases for each array of documents. An obligatory element of the index is the ordinal registration number within the registered array, as a rule, for the year. In conjunction with the date and title, it serves as the search way for the document and is also used for accounting purposes. Additions to the ordinal number to facilitate search indicate the code of the place of execution and storage of the document, its belonging to a particular issue, territory, period, correspondent, person, etc.

The index of documents formed only in names and authors (balance sheets, minutes, orders, etc.) is only the serial number within the registered array.

If you want to separate a part of the documents from a single registration array, you can use an additional semantic alphabetic index. Thus, when registering applications, applications and citizens' complaints, the registration serial number is supplemented by the initial letter of the applicant's name, for example, I-221, K-212, A-213, etc .; when registering orders for personnel management, the serial number is supplemented with a letter, for example, 18-K, 107-K, etc .; orders for personnel management include orders for admission to other jobs, for the granting of vacations, for all types of incentives and dismissals, i.e. those on the basis of which entries are made in the work books of employees; when registering the decisions of the presidiums of representative bodies, the serial number can be supplemented with the letter P, for example, 74-P, etc. The index of documents compiled by several organizations, for example, contracts, joint regulations, is formed from the serial registration numbers assigned in each author organization, their sequence is determined by the sequence of the authors' instructions in the header part of the document.

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