The main stages of psychological counseling - Psychological counseling

Basic stages of counseling

The entire process of psychological counseling from the beginning to the end can be represented in the form of a sequence of basic stages of counseling, each of which in its own way is necessary, solves a particular problem and has its own specific characteristics.

The main stages of conducting psychological counseling are as follows.

1. Preparatory stage.

At this stage, the counseling psychologist gets to know the client but the preliminary record available about him in the registration journal, as well as on the information about the client that can be obtained from third parties, for example from a psychological counselor who accepted the application from the client to consulting. At this stage of the work, the counseling psychologist, in addition, prepares himself for the consultation, carrying out almost everything that was discussed in the previous section of this chapter. The time of work of a psychologist-consultant at this stage is usually from 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Setting up stage.

At this stage, the psychologist consultant personally meets the client, gets to know him and is set up to work together with the client. The client does the same for her. On average, this stage in time, if everything else is already prepared for the consultation, can take from 5 to 7 minutes.

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3. Diagnostic stage.

At this stage, the counselor-psychologist listens to the client's confession and, on the basis of her analysis, clarifies and clarifies the client's problem. The main content of this stage is the story of the client about himself and his problem (confession), as well as the client's psychodiagnosis, if it is necessary to carry it out to clarify the client's problem and find the best solution for it. It is not possible to establish exactly the time required for this stage of psychological counseling, since much of its definition depends on the specifics of the client's problem and its individual characteristics. Practically this time is at least one hour, excluding the time required for psychological testing. Sometimes this stage of psychological counseling can take from 4 to 6-8 hours.

4. Recommended Step.

The counseling psychologist, having gathered the necessary information about the client and his problem at the previous stages, together with the client develops practical recommendations for solving his problem. Here, these recommendations are clarified, clarified, specified in all significant details. The average time, usually spent on the passage of this stage of psychological counseling, is from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

5. Control phase .

At this stage, the counseling psychologist and the client agree with each other on how the practical implementation of the client's practical advice and recommendations will be monitored and evaluated. Here, the question of how, where and when the counseling psychologist and the client will be able to discuss additional questions that may arise in the course of the implementation of the recommendations developed. At the end of this stage, if it becomes necessary, the counselor and client can agree on where and when they will meet next time. On average, work on this, the final stage of psychological counseling is carried out within 20-30 minutes.

If we summarize all of the above, then we can establish that on average all the five stages of psychological counseling may be needed (without the time allocated for psychological testing) from 2-3 to 10-12 hours.

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