Memo 1. On the preparation for the parent meeting., Memo 2. On the interaction with parents who have claims. - Multicultural education

Instruction 1. Preparing for the parent meeting.

For parent meetings, each subject teacher needs to prepare parents' talk thesis , which should reflect the following questions:

1. Achievements of the student for the past period (in the educational and personal plan, with vivid examples showing that you appreciate and accept the individuality of the child).

2. Information about educational activities:

- studied topics (for the reporting period);

- what the student should have learned (specifically);

- what the child has learned;

- characteristics of the student's work in the lesson

- a characteristic of the quality of the pupil's performance of homework;

- the difficulties that the child has in learning activity;

- principles of assessing the work (including what makes up the quarter estimate).

3. Your work on overcoming these difficulties:

- the work done - a description of the forms and methods of work in the lesson and consultations;

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- a promising job.

4. Recommendations to parents - how parents can help their child, supporting the efforts of teachers (specifically). It is better to cook them in an indirect form (for example, "For Vanya it would be optimal ...", "Sasha would be useful ...", "To improve the situation ...", "The effectiveness of studies will increase , if ... & quot ;, & quot; your participation will help ... & quot;).

Instruction 2. On interaction with parents who have claims.

Claim types:

- reasonable, based on real facts;

- unreasonable, based on subjective interpretation of facts, parents' conjecture, i.e. not true.

If the parent addresses a valid claim, the teacher works with the real situation - finds out the reasons, determines the ways to correct it.

If the parent addresses an unreasonable claim, then two options are possible - non-constructive and constructive.

Typical non-constructive ways to respond to unreasonable claims:

- the desire to justify;

- blaming yourself;

- a promise to fix the situation;

- searches for the guilty (adult or child);

- the desire to shift responsibility (complaint to the administration).

The constructive way of responding to unreasonable claims is based on an understanding of the actual needs of the parent:

- splash out aggression, irritation;

- to feel your own strength, significance,

- avoid loneliness;

- hide parent incompetence;

- reduce your fears for your child.

Stages of constructive conversation with the parent can be the following.

1. Must & quot; be & quot; in the presented situation:

- listen to the parent, let him talk as much as he needs;

- show understanding (& quot; I understand that you are concerned ... & quot ;, it is clear that you are upset ... "," I totally agree with you ", etc.).

2. Leaving the specific situation for the child's common problems (& quot; And here I am concerned ... & quot ;, & quot; I often notice ... & quot ;, & quot; Sasha is difficult ... & quot; etc).

3. Describe your actions in relation to the child's problem.

4. Request help from a parent in resolving a child's problem.

5. If necessary, address the parent to a psychologist.

As a rule, after conducting such miniseminars, an alarm

teachers in relation to meetings with parents, especially with inadequate response, significantly reduced.

The next step that needs to be taken to reduce feelings of insecurity is to give the teacher the right to make a mistake. Among teachers there are usually a lot of perfectionists, i.e. people seeking to perform any job very well. The slightest mistake, the error cause them a strong alarm,

Often accompanied by a sense of guilt. Therefore, it is useful at pedagogical councils and production meetings to raise the question of the pattern of errors in any work. The teacher should know that he has the right to make a mistake even in an open lesson and that insufficiently correct actions in the ordinary lesson, even those fixed by the administration, are not evidence of his professional incompetence.

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