Stage 2. Work on the texts and pages of the site, Stage 3. Work on the structure of the site, Step 4. Adding a site to the catalogs of search engines - Internet marketing

Work on texts and site pages

Typically, the average Internet user very quickly browses the page, it is not configured to read long texts. The site should contain short, extremely informative texts, broken into small paragraphs, and separated by talking subtitles. It is necessary to avoid common phrases, complex turns, while highlighting key phrases. Optimization of the site should be aimed at looking at the text, the consumer wanted to read it.

Optimizing the content of the site - and writing SEO -texts and filling them with pages. SEO -texts are articles that contain key phrases in a certain way. SEO -The content performs two functions:

• attracts the attention of search engines, since search engines recognize key words only in the composition of articles (the condition inherent in the algorithm of their work). And the keywords should be & quot; scattered & quot; in the text, so that the program does not notice the dirty trick;

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• Keeps visitors on the site, but only if the articles are interesting and useful. Therefore, keywords should be written in the most organic way: without compromising readability and without distortion of meaning. Both tasks are equally important.

Work on the structure of the site

It is not enough to attract the audience through the search engines, it is also necessary to keep the potential client on the site, to interest him with the offer (goods, service) or useful information. In addition, the probability of buying increases if the visitor "wanders" on the site: moves through the pages, delving deeper into the meaning. To promote and facilitate transitions, page linking is used - placing internal links.

Working with the structure of the promoted site, thus, can contain a solution to tasks to improve the navigation site, the so-called usability (the convenience of the site from the point of view of the visitor). At this stage of internal search engine optimization and site promotion, a structure of internal links is created, which begins with the definition of the semantic content and commercial purpose of each of the pages of the site. For this purpose, the information structure of the site is analyzed in the framework of the business model implemented by the enterprise. Such an analysis is made by an Internet marketer. In a well-structured site, the routes of visitors are already set by navigation, they need only be corrected by creating accelerators of transitions along the routes (replacing simple text links, banners with high CTR) and branches to secondary pages. These branches are designed for those who for some reason or other liked the route and they are ready to leave the site.

The optimization of the pages of the site also includes aligning them with the semantic core of meta tags and headers, and setting up a site view in the search results. Tag filling is of no small importance when ranking pages and helps attract potential customers.

Assigning the desired region to the site increases the speed of advancement in a particular area.

Adding a site to search engine directories

Directories are sites whose main purpose is to collect information about other sites and to present it to users of the network in a convenient, structured way. All directories put hyperlinks to the sites described in them, but not all of these links will be of real benefit. First, many link directories are put not directly, but through various scripts. Such links are mostly ignored by search engines. Secondly, often directories require mandatory placement of a backlink. Third, many directories (usually non-moderated) are listed in the & quot; blacklists & quot; search engines that either do not index them at all, or do not take into account the links from them.

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