How to write the term paper?

The process of writing this kind of paper is time-consuming. The reason is that the paper assumes the significant amount of knowledge that student achieves at some course in college. Basically, the process of writing the term writing can be divided into nine main steps:
  • To pick up and study the literature on the topic, learn the background and make sure that the topic is researchable
  • To compose the content of the paper and coordinate it with your teacher. The structure of the term assignment is formulated in the requirements, while the topic influences it also
  • Write the introduction to the paper
  • Write the main text of the paper. Each new chapter should be from a new page
  • Implementation of the practical part
  • Write the conclusion
  • Form the list of the used literature and other information sources
  • Use the tabular and illustrative materials in your paper
  • Check the final draft with your teacher.

As you can see, the stages, which are required for writing the term paper are quite similar to the stages that are common for the thesis writing. Anyway, the term writing has its own characteristics. The standard amount of the term work is 25-30 pages. However, it might be different in different colleges (and different countries). Therefore, take into account that the topic cannot be widely disclosed. The plan of the term assignment should contain the main points on the topic and nothing extra.

Writing the introduction and the conclusion are very important stages. You should take into account that often people read only the introduction and the conclusion, so they should disclose your writing in the proper way. Make sure that the introduction and the conclusion open all the important issues for the term writing

Writing the main part

The practical part of the term writing depends a lot on the essence of the work. Depending on the specific course, the writing will require different computer programs (financial, graphics, mathematical and etcetera). However, only some of the courses will require using applications in the practical part, while for others this will be different. For lawyers, for example, it is the consideration of legal problems, the analysis of judicial practice and etcetera.

How to show the literature and the graphics?

You should properly draw up a list of literature in the term writing. If some of the literature will be missed or there will be missed quotations, it can lead to a plagiarism. At the last step, you should add graphics to the paper. This can be graphic, tabular, and illustrative materials. As a rule, applications are not numbered in the term assignment. When this step is done, this is the time to check the paper with your teacher. If you have some problems at this step and too much have to be corrected, you can use the help of the writing service.

How to manage your time?

When you writing the term paper, it is very important to organize the writing process correctly. All the distractions and procrastination lead to the lack of time, while this kind of paper requires it a lot. Here are things that you can do to make your writing process more effective:
  • Try to eliminate the distractions
  • Identify the reasons for the procrastination and fight it
  • Get the right idea of what are you going to write in the paper
  • Plan your writing process
  • Schedule all the activities that you have, not only college activities
  • Split the big task into smaller tasks.

How to fight procrastination

To fight procrastination, it is very important to identify the main reasons for it. Procrastination can be the result of not understanding, while it can be also the result of the wrong building of purposes. Here are the main reasons for procrastination that students feel:
  • Wrong purpose understanding
  • Too large or abstract goals and perfectionism
  • False goals that are not true for you.

The right set of the goals when writing a term writing

Initial interest in something new is natural. But whatever this new was, the curiosity will gradually fade away, if it is not "throwing firewood." One of the founders of the online educational platform told that, depending on the course, among all users who signed up for the course, only 7-9% of students get to the end of the training. And this despite the fact that this platform provides access to the best education system in the world, cooperating with leading universities and organizations, offering courses on the Internet.

Unfortunately, modern student is overloaded with information, and in this stream, many opportunities compete for his time among themselves. And only the person can decide which one to choose, and how to spend his time. It's a matter of self-motivation, so to perform your term paper effectively on time, you should clearly identify your purpose in it. It will be better even to write for yourself all the reasons why a particular task is important, and what advantages will give you its implementation. This list is the trigger that can be used to kindle a fire of interest and to overcome laziness. The trigger will be as a tool to stop apathy and demotivation, especially when something does not work out, or task is too complex or even complicated.

Plan your time effectively to write the paper

With the right approach, the habit of making a daily and weekly plan will help you to always remain calm and confident in college. However, the excessive hobby for the routine of the day can sometimes turn into stress and a constant sense of anxiety when it seems to you that it would be better if you did not start planning anything.

Students begin to feel stress when they do not understand how to combine an organized daily routine with unforeseen circumstances and spontaneous events. Instead of accepting changes as an inevitable part of the work process, they begin to get annoyed at themselves and others, when anything goes against their plans. This can be it a changing of time of the meeting or an unexpected delay.

In order to start changing your life with planning you will need:
  • A diary - this can be a notebook in which you will write down assignments for each day, but you can do it with a regular exercise book, divided into two parts: for a list of cases and ideas that have visited you
  • A mobile phone in which you can create reminders. For example, the phone will warn you that it's time to finish with checking the news and start writing the paper
  • A computer or a laptop - they are needed only by those who constantly work on the computer - where you can create a variety of files: "what to do today", "task list for the weekend," "what to write this week" and etcetera.

Students who plan time not effectively can make everyone nervous, refusing to resolve the issue in the best possible way. For example, if the time given for a project had to be reduced from three hours to one and a half hours, they might not even want to start working on it. Such perfectionism in the time planning is not acceptable.

A good organization of work is facilitated by:
  • Impeccable order on the desktop
  • Clean and cozy workplace
  • Observe normal diet and sleep
  • Wake up early.

In the workplace should not be any extra items other than those that you need at the moment for work. All the rest you should hide in boxes. If you work at home, this is not a reason to allow a mess and chaos. All things must lie in their places. It does not matter whether you need to work or not, it's not an occasion to lie in bed before lunch. Teach yourself to wake up early enough and at the same time to be in time without haste to gather and adjust the list of cases for the day.

Don’t set the abstract goals and don’t be a perfectionist

If you are a student, then your perfectionism can be the reason for procrastination. For example, the goal of "learning literature" is too abstract. Having this goal, and regularly studying literature, you will still experience disappointment about the results. It is better to set the goal "to read 30 new books the next year’’. Set real and measurable goals, because this will help you to fight procrastination and apathy.


Theoretically, if you want to make something perfect, this is good. However, in reality, this often leads to the procrastination. Perfectionism can be the cause of the permanent postponement of tasks. The person does not accept the insufficient result of the work and continuously postpones it. Despite the fact that all the established deadlines have already expired, the procrastinator does not stop polishing the smallest details.

In pursuit of perfection, students cannot get any real results. Psychologists and coaches recommend everyone who has noticed the signs of procrastination, first of all, to prioritize the tasks. Further, starting from the goals, step by step, go to their achievement. In the end, this helps you to fight procrastination.

Eliminate the goals that are truly not yours

If you are always putting something off, you should ask yourself - is this task really need to be done buy you? This is especially true for self-education because here you set goals for yourself and not your boss or teacher at the college. For example, you undertook to learn German or some other language on your own. Knowledge of German or some other foreign language gives many advantages to building a career abroad. However, for example, you have already started the learning process ten times and are constantly throwing.

On some courses, users subscribe only because it is some popular, fashionable topic. Therefore, if the goal does not motivate you - maybe this is not your goal? And this question must be answered very honestly. Surely, when you write your term paper you don’t have much choice. However, such questions help to get the right motivation to fight procrastination.

There are many professions where specific languages are not required. For example, a designer can draw well, make professional models, and at the same time learning a foreign language is given to him very difficult. Even in international companies, communication with foreign partners is the responsibility of managers, and the designer gets the job and does his job without using the knowledge of English or some other language.

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