Disappointment, alienation, self-love, egocentrism. - Psychology of corporate fraud

Disappointment, alienation, self-love, egocentrism.

Other psychological personality traits that limit the ability of employees to provide commercial secrets and facilitate the work of an industrial spy include the following:

- disappointment in yourself, internal conflict , which determines industrial conflicts with his participation; manifestations of personal conflicts in the service, ie. in a corporate environment are very diverse;

- alienation from work colleagues , which manifests itself in the rejection of the usual ways of interaction;

- impaired personal self-esteem of an employee , dissatisfaction with his position , a sense of avoidance in career growth. The manager should be interested in the personality of the employee, his activities, creativity, successes, skills, knowledge. If the employee is more competent in something, then, asking for advice or help, you can give him respect marks. It is well known that care in relation to the employee is very appreciated in business communication.

And one more personal restriction on the preservation of trade secrets, which determines the effectiveness of spyware penetration into the company, is extreme egoism , egocentrism employee of the company, encouraging him to violate trade secrets. Already at the stage of professional psychological selection, experienced personnel specialists are able to establish the appropriate trends. So, for example, during the author's work as a director of personnel, one of the candidates for the post of executive director of the company passed the full selection cycle; the author presented to the head of the company a psychological conclusion (given in the abbreviation), in which the propensity to violate trade secrets, later confirmed.

& quot; Socially adapted, easily establishes interpersonal contacts, prefers to work with people; the behavior is flexible; is prone to manifestations of impulsivity; initiative; is guided by external circumstances. High intellectual abilities; good learning ability and learning new material. Emotionally stable, able to delay their needs or delay their satisfaction; on things looks seriously and realistically, not upset because of trifles; stress-resistant; confident in themselves and in their knowledge, which contributes to the improvement of performance. Well tolerates physical and emotional stress. There is boldness, determination, a risk appetite, an immunity to a threat; about failures quickly forgets, not "sticks" in them; At the same time, one can not draw the proper conclusions from the experiences of troubles and punishments. Is inclined to leadership. Enterprising, energetic, "punchy". At the same time, some impracticality, absent-mindedness, and absorption of one's ideas are possible; can not pay attention to everyday affairs and responsibilities. In the team is comfortable, yielding, complaisant, considered with the opinion of others; not envious; is inclined to take care of surrounding people. At the same time, he can show undue credulity even to unfamiliar people. Works well in a group, but does not always know how to "cut corners", straightness in behavior, undiplomaticity can be manifested. However, inclined to inconstancy; there is a tendency to selfishness, which is not always manifested due to the above tolerance and complaisance in relations with others. It is inclined to ignore moral values ​​that contradict personal interests; the possibility of committing dishonest acts for their own benefit in official or domestic situations, including the possibility of violating the company's commercial secret, is not ruled out. Does not differ in pronounced penchant for diligence and discipline. The supposed work can be performed with the systematic supervision of a superior leader and clearly defined results of the work & quot;.

Of course, in the psychological analysis of industrial espionage, you have to deal with such, alas, not infrequent phenomena like spontaneous or purposeful shuffling of commercial secrets by mentally unbalanced, corrupt, offended or stupid employees with inadequate self-esteem.

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