Social analysis, Environmental analysis, Economic analysis - Quality management. Universal approach

Social Analysis

The purpose of social analysis is to determine the suitability of the project for its consumers. With the help of social analysis, it should be possible to interact between the producer and the user of this product in order to promote this product and expand its production in the future.

Social analysis focuses on four main aspects:

- socio-cultural and demographic characteristics of the population affected by the project;

- the organization of the population in the area of ​​the innovation project, the availability of labor;

- acceptability of the project for local culture (scientific potential);

- a strategy to ensure the necessary commitments from the population groups and organizations using the project (its results).

Social analysis is conducted using a qualitative approach.

In the process of social analysis, some negative trends regarding the demographic characteristics of the population were revealed. In the village where the enterprise is located, the age composition of the population has changed in the direction of increasing the older age groups. This means that the reserve of working shots has decreased. Moreover, to ensure the quality of products in the manufacture of varicaps and glucocorticoids, mainly female labor is used up to the age of 28, which is related to professional specifics (high visual acuity and precise "female" pens are required).

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Therefore, HR services should recruit personnel with such specific requirements in Moscow, the nearest settlements, using for this purpose card files of the personnel departments of related businesses not currently loaded.

Since the products can be used in communication equipment (telephones, including cellular ones), radio engineering, medical equipment (pacemakers), it is possible to attract investors from interested organizations and individuals. Due to the use of new generators in telephone communication, the quality of this type of service improves, which can serve as an incentive for investing in the development of this production and improving the infrastructure that it fosters for the local authorities.

Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis currently occupies a special position due to a sharp deterioration in the overall state of the environment.

Its task is to identify the potential damage to the environment caused by the investment project at all its stages, as well as the measures necessary to prevent this damage.

Since this project is carried out on the basis of an operating enterprise, it does not require additional capital investments in new construction and, on this side, does not destroy the environment.

Compared with the previous production in the refurbished production shop of varicones is "clean" production and environmentally friendly.

The assembly of GKCH generators uses materials and components that are also harmless to humans and the environment.

Taking into account the reduction in raw material volumes and the increase in the level of purity of production, this product is more preferable for the company than it is removed from production.

Economic Analysis

Economic analysis is an essential part of both the quality management system and the project analysis. In both cases, the feasibility and effectiveness of developing and introducing into production products, the quality of which must meet certain standards and satisfy the consumer, is justified.

In the process of economic analysis, the sources of financing for a new project, the costs of its implementation and the effectiveness of its implementation are determined.

One of the indirect performance indicators can be considered the cost per unit of product quality. Let's calculate it for our example.

Suppose that the price of a wobble generator using varikan is 120 den. units, and the price of the alternator is 400 den. units

Then the cost of one average quality score is

Thus, with a difference in quality parameters of 1 point (4.5 - 3.5) in favor of a frequency-related generator, the price of one average point of the alternator is much higher than the price of the average oscillator of the oscillating frequency generator. The difference in price () is


Therefore, the quality of the PG generator is more than four times (4,286), or 328,6% more expensive than the quality of the GK4. This once again proves the higher competitiveness of the new product based on the use of varicaps in its design.

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We will confirm this conclusion by determining the price of a new product, using the point method according to the data in Table. 7.14.

Thus, according to the scoring method without taking into account production costs and only on the basis of quality parameters, the price of GKCH using varicines should be 514.29 den. units, and not with 120 den. units, taking into account the costs of its production. This is almost four times lower than the price point and is additional evidence of the competitiveness of new products.

Calculate the unit cost of the basic quality parameter by the unit price method. In the main parameter, we will accept the & quot; playback quality & quot ;. For GKCH it is 5 points, and for PG - 4 points. Based on this


Pay attention to the proximity of prices, calculated by the methods of scoring and unit price. Their significant difference from the price based on cost, allows us to draw the following conclusion: parametric pricing methods, which include the methods of scoring and unit price, should rather serve to assess the competitiveness of products, and not for pricing without taking into account the actual costs of production and sales of products . Otherwise, the inflated price can

become an untypical demand for it - the products will be non-competitive in price.

The results of the calculations and their analysis fully confirm this conclusion and allow us to judge the high competitiveness of varicines and their use in complex technical products to improve its quality and reduce production costs and prices.

Determining the annual economic effect is based on a comparison of the resulted costs for the basic and new version of the products. It differs depending on the specifics of the products and the conditions of production.

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