Thesis Proposal Examples

Theft or extortion of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices - Commentary to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Equilibrium Analysis under Export Tariff Conditions, Analysis of Partial Equilibrium in the Conditions of Export Duties - International Economics
Addition or correction of court records, Termination of legal proceedings or leaving the application without consideration - Civil Procedure Law
Warehouses and their functions, Warehouse structure, classification of warehouses and their functions, Evaluation of warehouse performance - Logistics
Deep fear of insanity - Psychoanalysis. T. 1. Freudianism and neo-Freudianism
SOFTWARE TO WORK WITH PICTURES, Graphic editors, Types of graphic editors, Raster graphic editor - Informatics for the humanities
PRACTICAL AUDIT, AUDITING METHODOLOGY, Formation of audit methodology - Audit
Differences in the education of boys and girls. Separate learning: pros and cons, The phenomenon of higher achievement in school for girls compared with boys - Pedagogical psychology
General characteristics of the procedural form of proceedings in cases of administrative offenses - Administrative jurisdictional activity of customs authorities
Reich about masochism - Psychoanalysis. T. 1. Freudianism and neo-Freudianism
Endogamy, National Character, Ethnic Identity - Ethnology
Physiological mechanisms of fatigue, Localization and mechanisms of fatigue development - Human physiology. Sport
Analysis of products of activity (content analysis) - Psychodiagnostics. Theory and practice
Software for computer networks, Network operating systems - Information technology in economics and management
Bank advance, Bank bill, Bank deposits, Bank credit, Balance sheet - International finance
Rule of utility maximization and demand curve, Measurement of marginal utility, Budget (revenue) lines and indifference curves - Microeconomics in questions and answers
Anglo-Saxon type, Continental (French) type - State and municipal service
Objectives, objectives, functions and principles of personnel assessment, Objectives of staff evaluation, Personnel evaluation functions - Staff assessment
Grammatical meaning of the word, Formal grammatical means - Modern Russian language
Accounting operations on the organization“s currency account, Currency transactions - Accounting financial accounting

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