Mini-case: Aesthetics of impressions - Economy of sensations and impressions in tourism and management

Mini-case: Aesthetics of impressions

For example, in Rainforest Caje visitors are surrounded by lush vegetation, thick fog, cascades of waterfalls and even lightning with thunder. Over them fly tropical birds, and in pools water splashing fish; this is not to mention the host of artificial butterflies, spiders and monkeys; and if you look closely, you can see even a small crocodile. Please note that the Rainforest Cafe, which combines both a restaurant and a retail store that proclaims itself to be a "wild place for supper and shopping", does not set the task of recreating the impression of being in a real tropical forest. Most likely, this cafe seeks to offer a genuine aesthetic impression of being in it.

Another & quot; wild & quot; a place for shopping - Cabela's in Owatonna, Minnesota. This 150,000-square-foot store sells a variety of gear for hunting, fishing, etc. Instead of bringing several entertaining elements to the store, Dick and Jim Cables have turned it into a genuine aesthetic impression. In the center of the trading hall, they installed a thirty-five-foot mountain with a waterfall on the slopes of which more than a hundred stuffed wild animals are located. Many of them were killed by two brothers or their relatives. In the other part of the store are four ecosystems of North America. Two more dioramas are located in one place, which depict scenes of African hunting and the so-called Big Five of large game: elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo. In three large aquariums there are various rare species of fish, and in general in the store there are more than seven hundred species of animals. Dick Cobeli was right when he said in an interview with the St. Petersburg newspaper. Paul Pioneer Press: "We sell impressions". On the opening day, more than 35,000 people came to the store, and the company expects at least a million visitors a year.

The aesthetic impression can be exceptionally natural, like a walk in a national park created by a person, like a supper in the Rainforest Cafe, or something as average as a purchase at Cabela's. Artificial impression does not exist.

The integrity of one attracting factor or the constellation of these factors in certain situations adds emotional impact. This emotional impact can be referred to as the atmosphere. If an individual considers it possible to address the realities of the surrounding world, which cause him positive feelings or they cause him the opposite, this circumstance makes the analysis of this atmosphere to be considered an important prerequisite for optimizing holiday experiences. It is not enough just to create events, the corresponding atmosphere becomes crucial. Emotional impact of a certain spatial situation can be strengthened with the help of the already presented model with joy-grief axes, excitement-rest. In this case, it is necessary to distinguish four models of the dominant atmosphere:

• Exciting atmosphere (exciting-attracting).

• Soothing atmosphere (attracting-restoring).

• Impressive atmosphere (unfriendly-soothing).

• Aggressive atmosphere (unfriendly-exciting).

Pic . 5

Within the effective factors, there are some dominant attractors. We can characterize them as carriers of the atmosphere, there are carriers that act emotionally positively, that is, they prepare a joyful atmosphere and create either an excitatory-active atmosphere or calming.

Fig. 6

But there are also opposite factors-killers of the atmosphere, they create a negative atmosphere. Along with this, there are factors of emptiness with a neutral emotional effect. They do not stimulate either a positive or negative atmosphere. Effective factors differ in a system of constant factors, for example, landscape image and variable factors, such as weather. Further, it is possible to distinguish between the immediate factors perceived by color, light, shape, theme, taste or noise, and indirect factors such as image, associations, representations that arose when visitors arrived at a distance.

Some of the attractive factors of the surrounding world could influence the concept of a tourist offer, others, such as climate or weather, do not. The purpose of tourist registration of the offer is to create in a certain space an atmosphere that makes possible the appearance of positive feelings among tourists. We can enrich the senses through dramatization. The staging is a tool for creating atmosphere for target groups.

Pyramid scheme of staging tools

Fig. 8

Das Erlebnis-Setting im Uberblick

Source: Muller/Scheurer 2004

The pyramid scheme of staging instruments shows three hierarchical grounds:

• Theme as the main tool.

• The concept of staging as a tool for planning and coordination.

• Attraction/activity, Szenerie, visitor management, health and visitors/guests as tools to maintain the atmosphere.

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