About Copyright

How to Make Copyright Infringement Claims

Notify us if you think that any copyrighted work that belongs to you is copied and visible on this website in the way related to copyright infringement. All you need to do is provide our copyright managers with these details:
  1. A brief description of infringing activity and your copyrighted work that is supposed to be infringed;
  2. Physical or electronic signature of copyright owners or people authorized to act on their behalf;
  3. Your contact details, such as email, phone number, name, and address;
  4. URL or other website locations where the work that is supposed to be infringed is located to let us find it;
  5. Any location where the authorized and original copy of your copyrighted work exists (for instance, URLs where it’s posted or book titles where it’s published);
  6. Your statement that you faithfully believe that the disputed use isn’t authorized by copyright owners, their agents, and the law;
  7. Your statement that the information that you provide is 100% accurate and you’re either a copyright owner or a person authorized to act on his behalf.