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The case against homework

The case against homework shows how children are overwhelmed with studying and what should be done to improve this situation.

Small business plan

The business plan paper helps to perfectly structure what you know and understand both about your business and the chosen field in general. Learn more about the small business plan.

Writing a book outline

It’s easy to write a story. It’s difficult to write a good story. Tips on writing a book outline will help you compose an interesting bestseller story.

How long is a dissertation

The fighting with procrastination is very important, especially when conducting a huge academic writing, such as the dissertation. Who knows how long is a dissertation without fighting your procrastination?

Writing a statement of purpose

Writing a statement of purpose is a hard task to complete, therefore, we are here to provide you with a handful of advice on how to ease the process.

What is a cover letter

A cover letter is a way to present yourself to a potential employer. It should describe your qualifications, motivation, interest in getting the position. Learn about what is a cover letter.

How to write a business plan for a small business

A business plan is a documented business idea done by an entrepreneur independently. Find out about all the details on how to write a business plan for a small business.

Hooks for essays

Powerful hooks help writers to interest the reader and stick to a purpose. Set yourself right to find interesting hooks for essays when writing a motivational essay.

How to start an essay

The creative crisis is something that often happens to writers, artists or musicians, and also to students. Learn how to start an essay and overcome the creative crisis.

Expository essay examples

The expository essay is the simplest type of the essay, however, it needs concentration. Learn more about the effective expository essay examples online.

Online writing websites

With the growing demand for professionally-composed papers, the number of online writing websites is increasing too. We have ranked most competent and reliable sites for students.

Review paper

The review writing differs a lot from writing the research paper. Here you should only work on the existing papers, without your research. Learn more about the review paper and stop postponing its writing.

Project selection methods

When a company or individual are dealing with plenty of different projects, but they have limited resources for all of them, project selection methods can help choose out the best option from those available for them.

Persuasive essay examples

The persuasive essay examples discuss the effects of alcohol on the human body. Learn about the history of alcohol and other things.

How to write an expository essay

The paper shows the useful information to the reader without author’s opinion. This is the simplest form of the essay. Learn more about how to write an expository essay.

Story writing tips for beginners

This article discusses story writing tips for beginners and will be useful to all writers who start writing and want to master the art.

How to write a good essay

Students often feel the lack of time because of the tough schedule, stresses, and procrastination. Learn more about how to write a good essay, fight procrastination and deal with deadlines.

Paper citation

Proper paper citation in academic papers is essential to avoid being accused of plagiarism, and for other reasons. There are different citation styles, and you should know what are they and how they differ one from another.

The homework debate

Many countries have already banned homework in primary schools but still, the homework debate continues. Let’s discover what the opinions of both sides are and what the recent scientific findings on this issue are in different societies?

Essay topics

Due to the topic of the essay, the requirements change a lot. Learn about the differences in style, requirements for the different essay topics.

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